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The Rio Grande rattler. ([McAllen], Hidalgo County, Tex.) 1916-1917, April 27, 1918, Image 12

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IO “ And who are you?’ ’ “ Mercy goodness sakes! Don’t you know me? Why, I ’m the typical American ‘Sam- m ie? you see on magazine covers and in collar ads.’’ (More business for the Base H o s p ital) CALL FOR YOUR PARCEL POST PACKAGE. If a n y of the men of the 27th Division have received notices from the Camp postoffice to call a t the office in reference to insured par­ cel post it is for th e ir own in terest th a t they call as soon as possible and close the case up. The tim e taken will be but a few m inutes and prom p tness in these m a tters relieves the D e p a rtm e n t of a great deal of congestion which m eans b e tter service to the men. “ American loafer, have a care who you tell to dig ditches. I am the G raf von Buggen- bugg, descendant of a long line of belted knights.” “ Get a move on, Fritz, or th e r e ’ll be an­ other belted knight around here.” GAS ATTACK WHAT THE SOLDIERS’ CLUB IS FOR. The Editor, Gas A ttack, ' Camp W adsw o rth, S. C. Dear Sir: In order th a t the men at Camp W a d s­ w o rth may fully understand the advantages which are offered them in the Soldiers’ Club on Main Street, opposite the Hotel Cleve­ land, m ay I inform them through your col­ um n s? The Club was established through the en­ deavors of the W a r Camp Community Serv­ ice, which raised the funds necessary. The Club house is a one-story and base­ m e n t brick building about 150 x 40 feet, lighted on all sides by plenty of windows. There are tables for games, w riting desks, books, m agazines, etc., two large fire places w hich burn real logs, and so far have been very m uch used. The hall is so arranged th a t a folding par­ tition can be used thereby m aking a room about 60' x 40 feet, which is called the music room, having a stage at one end and a piano, fine V ictrola and a mandolin. D o w n stairs in a well-lighted basem e n t are show ers and tub baths, barber shop, clothes pressing and shoe polishing stands. It has been organized strictly as a m a n ’s club, and not as an am u sem e n t hall. Once a w eek there are ladies’ days, a t which tim e m usicales, together w ith dancing, are ar­ ranged and there is alw ays a large attend ­ ance of ladies and soldiers. T h e re is a club com m ittee composed of m en representing different organizations in camp, w h ich m e e ts w ith me every Saturday evening at 6:30 and go over the plans for the following week, m ake suggestions, etc., so the m en have a voice in the affairs of their club. T h e re are no initiation fees nor dues, the initiation fee being the uniform, the m em b e rship lasting so long as a m an treats it as he would his own home. Companies m ay ren t the Music Room for a nom inal sum, for private entertainm e n ts. A fter 27 years as an officer in the New York S tate N a tional Guard Cavalry, and now being on the State R eserve List, I felt th a t I could possibly do som ething w h ich would be of benefit am o n g the enlisted men, so I dropped my business and cam e here to di­ rect the affairs of the club, under the au­ spices of the W a r Camp Comm unity Serv­ ice, and it has been the greatest pleasure to m e e t the m en and work w ith and for them , and I particularly w a n t the soldiers to know th a t the club is theirs. Yours faithfully, OLIVER B. BRIDGMAN, B rigadier General (R. L.) N. G. N. Y. THE BRAND NEW NON-COM. He keeps repeating to himself, “ to be obeyed and respected accordingly. ’ ’ BAD TRUCK ACCIDENT. Two Soldiers Killed and 18 Hurt When Truck Plunges 60 Feet. M echanic Francis J. M erritt, B a ttery C, 105th Field A rtillery, and P rivate P e ter Lon- ergran, B a ttery D, 105th Field A rtillery, w ere killed and six other soldiers badly in­ jured w h en an arm y truck plunged down a sixty foot em b a n k m ent at Reidville, S. C. on the night of April 12th. Tw enty soldiers w ere in the truck, bound for R,eidviile to give a m instrel show. All w e re more or less injured. Rain had softened the road­ side to such an extent th a t the truck rolled down an em b a n k m e n t near the T iger River bridge, turning over twice. L o n e rgran was crushed beneath the truck and instantly killed. M e rritt died in the Base H o spital two hours later. Of the injured men, Stable Sergeant Jo­ seph Churlo, B a ttery B, 105th Field A rtil­ lery, is the m o st badly hurt. He is in the Base H o spital, suffering from cerebral con­ cussions and compression. He has a good chance to recover. The other injured men are P rivate W il­ liam J. Schoefer, B a ttery C, 105th Field A r­ tillery, 634 F ranklin avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y., lacerations back of head, slight cut left w rist and sprained little finger of right hand. P rivate John P. H aggerty, B a ttery C, 105th Field A rtillery, 995 Boston Road, Bronx, N. Y., contusions of chest, back and legs and abrasions and slight lacerations of both legs. W agoner Jam e s F. Riley, Company D, 102d Ammunition Train, 414 E a s t 84 Street, New York City, scalp wound and contusion and bruises of the left shoulder and back. Private Charles Landendorfer, 101st Field Bakery, 332 E a s t 152d street, Bronx, N. Y.,. scalp wound left side of head, abrasion top of head and contusion of back. H o rseshoer Thomas Hicks, Jr., B a ttery D, 105th Field A rtillery, 1229 W ashington Avenue, Bronx, N. Y., scalp wounds.

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