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The Rio Grande rattler. ([McAllen], Hidalgo County, Tex.) 1916-1917, April 27, 1918, Image 20

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COMPANY G, 108TH INFANTRY. The banquet came off in tip-top shape. The mess hall was decorated w ith company colors. Captain Kean said th a t he never saw the Cleveland in finer holiday form. The vaudeville consisted of old-time Broad­ way favorites. Our old Border friend, Con­ nie O ’Donnel, was there with his usual mon- ologistic utterances, the 106th Infantry “ J a z z ” band in full regalia, a Hawaiian trio from the 107th, and several other A-l acts. Taken as' a whole it was a very pleasant evening and one long to be remembered. Com­ pany “ G ” unites in thanking Captain Kean whose never-tiring efforts made the affair pos­ sible, * * G ” Company is rapidly becoming a i 1 Gimme51 3 association. Several new members have been taken in through the local repre­ sentative of the 11 Gimme Club3 ’ in Rochester, 1ST. Y. Wanted-—One Sergeant to act in capacity of company 6 i Rouser.’ ’ Hours 5:30 to 6:15 A. Mo Apply to Commanding Officer. Where does he go? W h at does he do? H a v e n ’t you noticed lt F u z z y ” rushing out every night about 6:30? He goes out very tired after his hard d a y ’s work but tell the world th e r e ’s some ^ p e p ” when he blows in a few hours later. W h at does it m ean! K n ight Richard has departed. We are at a loss to understand how it was accomplished on eighty-two cents, but we do know th a t a larger portion of beef should be forthcoming now th a t he has left us. He leaves many thoughts behind him. ^ G ” Company has just finished their sev­ enty-two hour dip in the trenches. They waited and watched patiently but they didn’t bring any game back with them. The sec­ ond platoon was stationed at the corner of P a rk avenue and 125th Streets, and . a t th a t point the following conversation was heard: Jack R y a n ’s tender voice— -te H alt, w h o ’s th e r e ? ” A lost runner—‘ 1 Friend. ’ 1 Ryan— ‘No more friends tonight; go around to the other door.” We haven’t the slightest idea w h at was meant, but we might state th a t Jack Ryan is a bartender and the runner was Big Beers. Chauneey W illiams is nursing a broken nose, swollen jaw and several other slight fa ­ cial injuries, the result of his efforts to take up a collection for our student cook, W illis Thompson, upon Ms departure to enter upon Ms new duties w ith the 27th Division Recruit Detachment. Sympathizers, step forward. The fact th a t the little envelope with the three green stamps, addressed to Sergeant Perrin, is missing some days is known from the cooks to the tiniest buck. Oh, please f a ir one, whoever you may be; if you have any sym pathy for we poor sufferers, under the Top, please w rite every day. We fear his flaming w rath. SERGEANT H. C. O. Miss Gould, a Spartanburg society belle, who is the only young lady we know of who hasn’t w ritten a reply to B ill’s letters to Mable. (N. B. The letters are on sale in book form now. Don’t miss ’em.) COMPANY I, 108TH INFANTRY. The celebration of our first aniversary, S a t­ urday evening last, passed off very nicely. Although it was quiet for such an occasion, much enjoyment was received. The menu offered by Mess Sergeant W ilder was one th a t will long be remembered by the men of this Company. A fter the dinner was served we were awarded by songs from various quar­ tettes of the Company. P rivate K ay is well satisfied w ith his de­ motion. Well, who w o u ldn’t trade two stripes for a beautiful bride. Some Companies may have good warblers, but Hip, the hot apple warbler, has them all stopped. Ask the first squad. Corporal W agner has been wondering of late why he has got so many details. But he doesn’t remember the morning he fell in for reveille w ith a blanket wrapped around him. Tony LaSalle still amuses himself cutting pictures out of magazines. We are very surprised to know that Ser­ geant Milliman has a bad failing for the Converse college faculty. H. W. H. COMPANY G, X06TH INFANTRY. Members of this command are looking for­ ward to the night of April 30th, on which will be held our company dance, at the Rock Cliff Club in Spartanburg. Plans have been completed and the com­ mittee in charge have things well under way for an enjoyable evening. Just w h at will all happen, remains a secret AMBULANCE COMPANY NO. 106, 102NB SANITARY TRAIN. Everyone is glad to see the adornment on Veteran Bill Sm ith’s blouse in the shape of service colors, earned through his service dur­ ing the Spanish-American campaign. Bill rightfully deserves the title of veteran, hav­ ing served an enlistment in the navy during the ’98 campaign and is the only man in the company w ith a service record to date. Baseball fans are nightly being given a rare treat in their favorite sport when 1 * Gus ’ f Burton trots his (1 Tigers ’ ’ out on the field. So much interest has been displayed th a t M an­ ager Gus finds it difficult to pick a team from the scores of likely and ambitious can­ didates. As a result he has issued a defi to the non-coms, whom Gus says he has scared to a finish. Come on non-coms; bring on your Cobbs and Crawfords. Clancy’s canteen fell victim to a hurricane the past week and before rebuilding George will offer the rem aining fixtures for sale at auction. Property of course goes to the high­ est bidder. Terms—well we will talk th a t over later. Everyone got a touch of gas last week and not a single casualty was recorded, although Clarence Smith narrowly averted being over­ come. E a rly in the instruction the alarm “g a s ” was given and Clarence waited for the instructor to come and take his hat. No, Clarence, we haven’t heard of any hat racks in the trenches abroad either. We welcome to Camp W adsworth so many wives of the members of this command. It has been suggested th a t an auxiliary be form ­ ed and a certain period each afternoon given over to drilling. Sergeant Hicks has volun­ teered his services as drillm aster and there seems to be no doubt th a t under his able su­ pervision an effective m ilitary organization could be realized. Suggestions should be sub­ m itted to Sergeant Hicks. P rivate George Rogers has just perfected w h at he terms a “ powdered shave. ’ ’ This new invention dispenses with the use of ra­ zors and is found to be highly successful, no­ ticeably so a t Saturday morning inspections. For particulars, ask George. The company heavy weight, John L. Kelly, is sustaining his reputation as a pugilist, hav­ ing challenged all his tentm ates to a fistic encounter. The results are not yet ready for publication, but they may be obtained most any day from Private Earl Anderson, official referee and erstwhile sparring partner of K e lly’s. w ith the committee. Suffice it to say, how­ ever, th a t there will be something new and interesting for every minute of the evening. Members of the committee are Sergeant Miller, Corporals Lazarus, Oakman, Dorsey, Portues and M attson. Patrons and patronesses include Captain and Mrs. Hardy, Lieutenant and Mrs. Re in­ ert, Mrs. Lundgren, Mrs. Pendelton and Mrs. Cleveland. V. S.

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