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The Rio Grande rattler. ([McAllen], Hidalgo County, Tex.) 1916-1917, April 27, 1918, Image 21

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GAS ATTACK 55TH PIONEER INFANTRY NOTES. Sergeant Durbin Schults, Supply Company, is back from a ten-day furlough and reported having a wild time of it while it lasted. F irst Sergeant Charles Close, 0 Company, left camp last week for a ten-day furlough. “ Chuck” incidentally ^ chaperoned” Lieu­ tenant Colonel. Pooley’s two children, Miss K atherine and M aster Richard Pooley to their home in Buffalo after a three-weeks stay a t camp. Real w it will crop out occasionally even in a regimental non-com’s ten t; as witness Ser­ geant Norman Douthwaite ’s contribution— ” W itchazel stung you?” Captain John H. Knuebel, testing and ta r ­ geting officer, finished up his work at the rifle range at Glassy Rock and has relieved his detail of sergeants from detached serv­ ice. Captain Knuebel, Captain Gillig and C aptain Meyer did a lot of real shooting at the range and tested several hundred rifles over the three and five hundred yard ranges. Sergeant Frank Gudenkoff and Sergeant Bill Olson claimed the pedro championship at Glassy Rock, basing their claim on the fact th a t they had defeated Sergeant Daley and Sergeant Hunt, champions of the regim ent; h u t when F ir s t Sergeants Ben Gosset and H a rry M aybank got after them one night they hauled down their colors. Ask Jim De- vine of the Motor Trucks. Band Leader John Bolton is still detained In Buffalo by the illness of his wife. E v e rybody’s friend, (( Bill Staples,” staff photographer of the Buffalo Times, is in camp •securing photos of the Buffalo soldiers in the Pioneer and the New York Division regi­ ments. B ill’s happy smile is still w ith him and it always reflects in the pictures he snaps. Colonel Robbins, of the Missouri N ational Guard, and Captain Thomas Ross, of the Sig­ nal Corps, Aviation Section, have been a t­ tached to this regiment. The detail of sergeants assigned to police the Canteen have been relieved from th a t du­ ty —they cleaned it. F ir s t Sergeant A1 W hiton ’s horse looks pretty good in those spiral leggins, but w h a t’s the idea! Captain Ralph K. Robertson has returned to duty after a slight operation on his throat at the Base Hospital. Twenty men have been assigned to the 55th Pioneers, as a casual company, F irst Sergeant Ed Hahn, Company K, has been placed in command of the casuals, perhaps because he has had so much service—for proof, look over the assortm ent of badges he wears. Colonel A rthur Kemp returned to camp a f ­ ter a thirty-day leave of absence and re­ ceived a great ovation from the boys. Sergeant H e rbert Helwig, Company K, has been placed on special duty with the new Pioneer M ilitary Police. D o n ’t forget your friends “ D oc” when you do arrive. The officers’ quarters have been surround­ ed w ith a rustic fence which is a credit to the workmen, who, by the way, were the of­ ficers themselves* Sergeant “ Chick” Charlton and Sergeant REGIM E N T A L NOTES 54TH PIONEER INFANTRY. Four of our corporals have bought a Ford runabout, in which to answer details. A t a very pretty ceremony, it was duly christened, with a bottle of Bevo, a Wun L u n g ,” in hon­ or of the Chinese philosopher of th a t name who lived during the third century. Judg­ ing from the appearance of the Ford, it was built about th a t time. You have heard the Coney Island b a r k e r ’s fluent flow of zippy talk. You have heard the A u ctioneer’s rapid-fire string of superlatives. Now go to our regimental exchange and let Phyrat Will try to sell you something. The above-mentioned gentlemen are tongue-tied in comparison. Buck Elvia is nursing a sore face, the re­ sult of trying to catch a hot liner in his teeth, during a recent baseball game. Speaking of baseball, Lieutenant Bern­ stein is manager, and Lieutenant Rogers cap­ tain of our team. Their great hopes seem justified by the fact th a t the team put up a splendid game recently against the Maine Heavies, claimants of the depot champion­ ship. Next week we will blossom forth in full baseball uniform, and will be ready to take on any team in camp. Will exchange one fair parlor-snake cor­ poral for a pair of boxing gloves or set of dominoes; or w h at have you? Company G. Jerry, our gentlest and most conscientious mule, has gone A. W. 0. L., inspired, no doubt, by the example set by his former manicure, Sergeant Andy. Danny Fleischmann went to town yesterday to get a shave, but returned to the fold still wearing th a t insignificant brush beneath his nose. Oh, w h a t’s the use? The much-mooted question to which we beg an answer is: Why has Sergeant Baehr been to town every night since the Carnival start­ ed? W h at can this mean, we ask? The Sanitary Detachment welcomes eleven new men, and a note from L ittle Eva. C. T. M. Jack W all who were attached to the detail inspecting rifles at the range, have reported back to their companies for duty, so Mess Sergeant H a rry Gurr is wearing • an anxious look again, but the stores may hold out at that. Acting F ir s t Sergeant Jim Jachles of Com­ pany F still insists th a t th e r e ’s safety in num­ bers, and Jim certainly does get those per­ fumed letters. About time now to make a pinochle team and play for the city championship at Buffa­ lo since the football team last w inter was such a success. Sometimes the comedy is tinged w ith pathos as occurred when Color Sergeant Jud Strunk came in contact with some high voltage at the 108th Infantry. The ** Mail Man ’ ’ is get­ ting around all right now though. n m & TO TOBEST TOtCYAL This is one of Dick K ennedy’s friends in the Supply Train. When he started for town on the P. & N. he was clean-shaven. HEADQUARTERS 53RD INFANTRY BRIGADE. The Brigade is now ready for th a t long looked-for crack at the Kaiser, for the gen­ eral arrived back in camp on Sunday after a short trip. During the week the detachment demon­ strated th a t they are not only ‘ ‘ there ’ ’ when it comes to soldiering, but are considerable apple-knockers—for proof see our farm. K arker, Lynch, Davenel and Sergeant M er­ ritt did look good in their turns behind the plow. Brownie breezed in after eight sleep­ less days in New York, now Bunnie can a t ­ tend all dances a t town. Looks like Corporal Anderson went through the O. T. S. w ith flying colors. Congratula­ tions and more power to you, Andy. Now that Sergeant M ajor Galloway is back the de­ tachm ent fam ily seems natural again. P retty tough when th e r e ’s a sixteen-hour railroad wreck and they even turn the clock forw ard an hour during an eighty-day furlough, isn ’t it, George? Fuss is the best horse in the sta­ ble. Ask Mahoney, he knows. We get all the movie magazines now, thanks to Tommie’s friend in Michigan. Davanel looped the loop over an officer’s tent on the motorcycle the other day. Reveille at 6:15 is bad enough, but with Sergeant McAdams giving us double time i t ’s no joke. Corporal Scheek is doing great as Liaison instructor. Good work, H arry. Essex just returned from a furlough spent with Ms best. Both Charlies still continue to put up a corking good mess. Famous sayings—“ I got a little job for you.” 11 Leave her name out of i t . ” “ Gee! I know a guy th a t did as much as that, and say, listen while I tell y a .” —You know by whom, fellows. G. W. W., Jr.

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