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The Rio Grande rattler. ([McAllen], Hidalgo County, Tex.) 1916-1917, April 27, 1918, Image 22

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20 GAS ATTACK World Brevities Edited by J. S. KINGSLEY UPTON NEGROES GOOD MARKSMEN. The colored soldiers of the 367th Infantry a t Camp U p ton have been pronounced as m a rksm e n as fine as any in the N ational Army by the arm y experts. IN THE FAR EAST. The B ritish continue their northern m a rch in M esopotamia and in Palestine. The B ritish forces are already approaching the junction of the Bagdad and Syrian railroads. This would isolate the whole of Syria. TYPHOID UNDER CONTROL. The fine record made by the Medical De partm e n t in our arm y has added another honor to itself. It has alm o st entirely stam p ed out not only typhoid, but also dys­ entery. COMMISSIONS FOR NURSES. Congressm an R a b er has introduced a bill to give m ilitary rank to nurses who have up to this tim e received no m ilitary recognition The proposed bill would give to the nurses a relative rank carrying w ith it uniform, rank badges, right to be saluted, authority and rank pay. GERMAN -AMERICAN ALLIANCE. The German-Am erican Alliance was dis­ banded by a vote of the executive com m ittee last week. This alliance, while having many good qualities, had m any qualities which opposed A m erican citizenship and which aided Germany in the present con­ test. A GERMAN CITIZEN LYNCHED. At Collinsville, Ind., a crowd lead by a drunken man, caught a German, questioned him for tw e n ty m inutes w ithout finding any­ thing against him, then tied his hands and lynched him. A m ericans can not afford to so lower them selves th a t they will act like the Huns. T h is certainly is a blot on Am er­ ica and on A m erican character which it will take generations to remove. EXPRESS COMPANIES TO UNITE. A m o v em ent is on foot to consum m ate the m erging of all the large express companies into one huge company nation-wide. A com­ m ittee has been appointed who will confer w ith the national adm inistration on plans of consolidation. At present the express com­ panies need m o re efficient m a n agem ent. This could be brought about by m e rging all the companies into one huge concern which knows no one railroad or section or com­ pany. Many feel th a t the Government should manage the express business in conjunction w ith the parcel post. MR. WILSON AND INSTITUTE OF FRANCE. President W ilson has been nom inated and it is expected th a t he will be elected by ac­ clam a tion an associate m em b er of the Insti­ tute of France. The Academy of Moral and Political Science will elect Mr. W ilson as an associate m e m b e r in place of M. Villari, of Florence, Italy. --------- - AMERICAN AVIATOR LOST. Colonel Raynal C. Bolling, form e r assist­ ant general counsel of the U n ited States Steel Corporation and m em ber of the Aero Club of Am erica was either shot or com­ pelled to descend into G erm an territory last week in the great battle. He was a daring flyer and may have been one of those sent by General Pershing to aid the British. He spent the night of M arch 24 in Amiens and next m o rning started away in his autom o ­ bile. This is the last account of him obtaina­ ble. It is supposed th a t he was brought down by the Germans. BOLO PASHA, TRAITOR, DIES. The notorious traitor-editor of France was executed April 17 in France. He was lead to a forest w h e re he was placed before a firing squad. Bolo Pasha was condemned for having received Germ an money in order to influence his press and his influence against France, his country. TRANSFER M E N ’S ASSOCIATION. T h e re is organized in Spartanburg an association of transfer men and friends for the purpose of keeping the road betw e e n camp and city in the best possible condition. T h e re are 300 m em b ers each paying 50 cents, a week. They are already expending fifty dollars daily on the roads. They have yel­ low cards to show m em b ership and are de­ sirous of getting the patronage of all who> wish good roads. NO MORE LOUNGE LIZARDS. G overnor W h itm a n is about to sign a bill which will put out of business lounge lizards, tango fiends, gam blers, loiterers and sharks. It provides th a t every able-bodied m an who is not regularly employed now for at least thirty-six hours a week m u st be registered and m u st get to work. Coupon and bond clippers will not be excepted. GENERAL FOCH SUPREME COM­ MANDER. Since March 24 G eneral Foch has been made suprem e com m ander of the Allied forces. H e now has not only the command of strategy, being the greatest strateg e s t in Europe, but now has power to regroup arm ies and select men of his own choice to command the com b a tant forces of both the B ritish and French arm ies. THE KAISER’S WATERLOO. The K a iser is evidently drinking at Na­ poleon’s fountain. The battle of W aterloo has reversed, the defeated autocrat now is K a iser W illiam and not Napoleon. The K aiser, like Napoleon, depended upon man power and not upon the spirit of righteous­ ness in every allied soldier. H e has made three great drives, each should have suc­ ceeded from his calculation, but yet all failed. The G erm an super-m an has m e t the common B ritisher and the every-day F rench­ m an and has been defeated. The last and greatest drive has nearly expended its force and Im p e rial G erm any w h ich justified any act provided only th a t it tended to make Germany great, is dazed w ith unexpected defeat. The B ritish did not break away. The Allied lines could not be broken and W illiam has m e t his W aterloo. He has yet his H elena coming. NORFOLK TO MINEOLA. An arm y airplane driven by a Liberty m o tor w ent from Norfolk to Mineola in th r e e hours and fifteen m inutes. This was a speed of 100 miles an hour. M ajor Roy S. Brown was the pilot and George Buzane, a Liberty m o tor expert, was the passenger. The aver­ age height was 6,000 feet, rising to 12,000 feet at tim es. The m o tor was pronounced! perfect for there was no vibration from it. This quality is the regular quality of th e Liberty motor. HOME RULE BILL. The coming of Home-Rule in Ireland is- assured. T h e G overnm ent will introduce in the H o u se of Commons a bill which will provide for Irish Home-Rule. It is under­ stood th a t the bill will take the form of th e m e a sure am e n d ing the G o v ernm ent of Ire­ land act which passed ju s t before th e out­ break of the war, but the operation of which was suspended for the duration of the w a r because the two parties in Ireland could not agree upon th e hill and w ere preparing for conflict am ong them selves. COLLIER CYCLOPS STILL MISSING. The fine 19,600-ton naval collier Cyclops; w ith 293 persons, is still m issing. It is thought to have m e t its fate near the W e s t Indies, which are being scoured for som e trace of the m issing vessel. The captain of the Cyclops was born in Germany, but cam e to this country when but a child. He en­ listed in the navy when a youth and worked his way up to his present commission. TO RESTORE RUINED CHAPELS. Cardinal Gibbons sent the first $10,000 to­ ward a fund of $15,000,000 intended to re­ store the chapels in France destroyed o r damaged by the war.

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