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The Rio Grande rattler. ([McAllen], Hidalgo County, Tex.) 1916-1917, April 27, 1918, Image 23

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GAS ATTACK 21 COMPANY E, 105TH INFANTRY. “ M ustang P e te ” says lie will not s tart any more argum ents even if Shanks tells him the moon is made of green cheese. 1 i Reason?’’ One eye in mourning. We are sorry to lose F irst Class P rivate Stiles, but you can ’t keep a good man down, and our loss is Headquarters Company’s gain. W h at will Joe Drazan do to pass the nights away now th a t he has had to send his ac- cordeon back home. Red Donaher must be visiting some of the girls he met while on outpost duty at Glens Falls a year ago, as he is not back from his furlough yet. Big Louie says he cannot see why they teach you to chase a German and stick him w ith a bayonet when you can just as well stand still and shoot him. Our congratulations to Sergeant Chase and Corporals Lang, Mahoney, Monahan and Kubes of H eadquarters Company, on their promotion. They were all former members of this company. The latest order is to get rid of all boxes, suit-cases, etc., from our tents, as everything must be on the string around the walls. Joe Drazan is trying to figure out how he is go­ ing to hang his accordeon on it. Why is it that Company E is the only com­ pany in the 105th I n f a n try not represented on the diamond? We surely have the m aterial for a good team. Corporal R o b b s’ men on Dizzyville Ave. are trying to make their section of the company street the best in the company. One squad even went so far as to steal the oats from one of the poor m u le’s dinner and sow them around his tent in place of grass. Pop Jordan is spending a few days in New York. Somebody ask ex-Corporals McCoffre and Davis how they like being rear rank pri­ vates again. Corporal Roig is learning to be a mule skinner. R. B. and K. D. A BATTERY, 104TH FIELD ARTILLERY. Corporal W hite returned from his 90-day furlough w ith smiles all over his face, and the glad hand for everybody. MacAulay is fasting now. His week in the kitchen ended today. P rivate Lincoln left ns for good on the strength of a discharge. His being a minor was the cause. Private Pickles, one of the “ 57” varie­ ties. E. Wilson mourns the loss of one suit of O. D. underwear. Take a bath! I found mine th a t way. “ Shot G u n ” Shneider is no longer with us as he is now attending the ordnance school. Hey! Compson, w h a t’s that growing on your upper lip? P rivate Zenks returned from the Base Hos­ pital with fear in his heart after seeing the boys don the blue jeans every morning pre­ paring for work and work it is, too. P rivate Pattizo has parted with his coffee strainer and swears never again. COMPANY C, 105TH INFANTRY. Private Gallagher has willed all his wealth to Private Burke in case he dies. “ All r ig h t,’’ says Joe, with his eyes on G allagher’s new ring, “ have a piece of pie.” Corporal Reilly is so used to w riting th a t he puts his bayonet behind his ear. Private Happy Bracken w anted to know the difference between a lemon pie and a slacker. “ W ell,” says P rivate Carey, “ both of them are so yellow th a t they have not crust enough to go over the to p .” The reason Private Porness wears glasses: He says he couldn’t see any money in sight without them. Private Tonkins wants to know if a man gets $5.00 for hitting the b u ll’s eye, how much should a fellow get for shooting the bull. Corporal Olmstead was too tired to carry w ater to wash the floor of his tent, but later on he was discovered carrying w a te r for the elephants so as to get a free pass to the show. Private K inney has a new rumor. He claims th a t we are to go to Egypt to give a farewell parade to the mummies. Private Crehaw had a job last week as a barker for the dog exhibit at the circus. Private Deforrest is to have his teeth out. He says he can stand the pain a good deal better than the price. Private La Valley is doing the army double so much that he even gets up in the night and runs around the tent. Private J. A. Murphy thinks because he works in the office th a t h e ’s an officer. Private Ham is so used to getting seconds on the eats that he even tries to work it on the sleeps. Private Sidney Grew might be a fine end man in a m instrel show, but he never plays the end of the line at mess call. S. G. W. Pomeroy has gone out of the gold brick in­ dustry and has reported for duty again. Private Steinberg has now been appointed as our esteemed supply sergeant. Private Shaver spent a restless night. Rea­ son, our new supply sergeant issued him a new cot and he has yet to get used to it. Personal for Acting Corporal Steinberg— Why advertise for a pair of stolen pants; you ’re in the army now? Private Lane is still trying to camouflage himself behind that growth on his face. D o n ’t be afraid, Lane, use a safety razor. E x tr a ! We had ice cream for supper and Smith S. R. tried to slip something over by going up for seconds. Sergeant Gower spot­ ted him and threw out a counter attack which overwhelmed poor Smith and he retreated in great disorder. Our esteemed “ Si ” Doner is again on the sick list from an injury received from a horse stepping on an already sore dog. Our Stable Sergeant, Russel Fout, is a very contented man at the present time as his wife is spending a visit with him here. B. A. Model and Uncalled for Army Officers' Uniforms f from The Leading Fifth Avenue Tailors at Less Than Half Price We are the Clearing House for Model and Uncalled for Uni­ forms. This enables us to sell uniforms, Fifth Avenue’s best, at the cost of an ordinary uni­ form. Come in and look us over Each Garment Ab­ solutely New. Bears the maker’s name. Fitted to you by Expert Cutters. K R A M E R 18 W est 33rd Street Opposite Waldorf-Astoria NEW YORK T e lep h o n e 6 8 3 8 M a d ison S q u a r e ! <&> 102ND ENGINEER TRAIN. Our Old Friend “ Pete H o ran’’ has received a package containing a B. V. D. suit and signed “ H e len.” Come on Pete, and let us know w h at “ H e len’s ” last name is? A few of the boys who attended to the “ Box P a rty ’ ’ F riday night at the brick school house, are still moaning their loss ($$$). M any are wondering why Joe Brennan and Benny Carr are keeping the road hot to Sax­ ton. Many of “ Bill L o n g ’s ’ ’ picket line boys are striving for the blue ribbon. Geiser, Gol- lus and Brennan are running neck and neck, and it looks as though one of this trio will get the ribbon for this month. 11 Hunkus ’ ’ Burns is still looking for his mule, and he says that when he finds him, th a t it will be him and the mule all over the corral. W alter W est, the boy w ith the beautiful, wavey hair, would like to transfer to the Hostess House, or go to* Valatie, N. Y., to see Main Street. The “ Motor Tw ins,” Giering and Burdick, have been for the past two weeks working on an Overland machine in Spartanburg, and they think they can make a submarine out of the parts left over. Did Victor “ H. S .” Coogan get married while on his furlough ? We don’t know, but, why did you start that letter “ Dear W ife,’’ Vic, old boy? Mrs. Richard J. Dormer, Jr., wife of Mess Sergeant Dormer, is spending a few days in the Sunny South.

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