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The Rio Grande rattler. ([McAllen], Hidalgo County, Tex.) 1916-1917, April 27, 1918, Image 24

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GAS ATTACK DR. L. €. M INTER D E N T I S T Rooms 305-6 Third Floor Chapman Building P h o n e 14 V SPARTANBURG, S. C. DR. J. M. NESBITT DENTIST Successor to Dr. J. JVL W allace Rooms 305-6 Third Floor Chapman Building P h o n e 1 4 V SPARTANBURG, S. C. The South Carolina Light, Power and Railway Company FU R N ISH E S ALL THE ELECTRICITY USED AT CANT WADSWORTH COMPANY B, 107TH XL S. INFANTRY. In the first place suspicion arose in our minds when we were marched in from drill a half hour before recall. This unheard-of event (except in those special and rare cases of inoculation, lectures or an issue of soap and rattles or something from the supply tent) caused a wavering of the form ation as we 4 4 squads lefted ” in front of the Top­ per 7s tent. Then Sergeant Dona van broke the glad news—a nice little hike to the artillery range for the boys so we wouldn 7t get soft in the feet, but really for the purpose of going under a real, honest-to-mustard barrage fire. We pulled anchor the next morning at 8 A. M. and everybody was feeling as good as possible under the circumstances except John­ ny McG-lue, whose furlough had been can­ celled at the last minute so he could honor us w ith his august presence as we ambled m errily on our way. 14Oh! it w a s n ’t the fact that I had a date in Queens,7 7 said Johnny w ith one eye on the pop bottle in F. Copeland’s pack, “ J u s t the principle of the thing. ’ ’ This statem ent was greeted w ith a hearty cackle from “ J u d g e ” Mulqueen. In fact the “ J u d g e ” kept us all in good spirits w ith his unlimited line of chatter and his repeated requests for a song from B e rt B rady’s squad. (We w o n ’t attem p t to describe the vocal out­ bursts that came forth from the husky throats of those warblers as we ’re still trying hard to forget the noise they made.) I t was a good day for hiking because of the cool w eather and cloudy sky, but the forty- five minute rest at noon was a welcome halt to all of us and for once that hardtack tasted good. There was a canteen just back of where we were eating—but a canteen for about five minutes only; a t the end of th a t short period it looked like the inside of a waste-basket. When we started out again, old “ Light- foot ’ ’ W einstein spent a few minutes with each squad all the way down the line, filling in the blank files here and there until wild howls of protest from the rear caused him to reconsider his present position and make a strategical retreat further back. We made camp about 3 P. M. and hav­ ing tired of cussing out A Company for va­ rious reasons, we retired to onr quarters for peace and quiet. Statistics show th a t there were 3,682 hip- holes dug during the course of the night. The next day at noon saw us at our final resting p lace. a t the E n g ineer’s camp where we 44pup-tented” in a drizzling rain. As a result of a heated argument concern­ ing the price of eggs in A u stralia at the be­ ginning of the war, Cook Tipson pushed Cook Van Auken into the babbling brook back of the kitchen. Whereupon Cook Van Auken reciprocated and threw Cook Tipson into the same brook. And they (not the cooks) were even sell­ ing us N. Y. papers that far from civiliza­ tion. We manoevured up and down about four­ teen different mountains on the following day—this time we hiked for ten minutes and rested for fifty. Mess was quite noticeable because of its absence. According to Elleman, we did nothing but run up all the hills in sight and then slow up for a short ways and then another run. We were beginning to wonder why they did not double time us all the way just to get the hang of it. The only 4 4 c a sualty7 ’ under the barrage fire was the sudden loss of R. H. W ood’s wind when we reached the top of the hill. “ L o tta nonsense,” says Robert to Jack Sheeky, as he hung limply over the limb of sun-burnt pine tree, 4 4 O ught to grade this hill—too hard on the m e n .” Of course there was a m y stery connected with the camp; this time 4 4 the house where you get the egg sandwiches. ’ ’ We couldn’t seem to account for all the females in and around its four walls. The 4th squad of the 1st platoon tried hard to clear up the mys­ tery but came back* w ith mournful expressions on their usually sunny countenances. As for th a t hike back, none of us will for­ get if we go through ten years of the war and still remain alive. Some claim it was twenty-four miles and others twenty-six, but we did it in seven hours and forty-five min­ utes, walking time. Redenberg says th a t he would just as soon have ridden as f a r as he was concerned. And those hills! Oh! boy! Oh! boy! and Stanley Mann said th a t we would be going 4 4 down hill ’ ’ all the way. We went 4 4 down hill ’ ’ all right, but we went up about six times as many hills as we went down. We were very much chagrined to think that you should deceive us in this way, Stan­ ley. 44 ’Bout f o ’ m o ’ m iles,’’ was the inevit­ able answer to our questions as to the re­ maining distance to camp-—always the same, even though we had hiked along for an hour before repeating the question. Sort of gave us the idea th a t we were playing tag with the end of the column. D idn’t th a t l i l ’ o l’ cot look good after four nights of 44diggin’ in ? ” Just so the packs w o n ’t get moldy they have got us taking them out for an airing each day at drill now. W ith new parts, arsenal numbers, etc., to get on to, Saturday morning inspections ought to be rather interesting. CORPORAL D. VAN R, HILL. “The Frinchm e n are sure wan grand polite race.” “And did w an of thim lend yiz a dime?” “No, but I slamm ed wan on the jaw and he gave me his calling card and said he would sind two men to wait on me.” Send this copy of the Gas Attack home. Let them know what the New York Division is doing. The other girls are getting the Gas Attack from their o. d. admirers. Why isn’t yours ?

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