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The Rio Grande rattler. ([McAllen], Hidalgo County, Tex.) 1916-1917, April 27, 1918, Image 26

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24 GAS ATTACK K. OF C. NEWS BIG NIGHT STAGED IN K. OF C. HALL. Fifty-third Pioneer Infantry Delighted Over 1,200 Soldiers at Camp. On F riday evening, April 12th, the 53rd Pioneer regim e n t gave another big tim e in the K. of C. hall w ith “big tim e stuff.” They indeed have proven them selves m a s ters in the entertainm e n t line. Opening the bill was Mr. Carter, the K. of C. song director, in chorus singing, the most popular being, “W h e re Are the Girls of Y e sterday,” w ritten by Jam e s K. H a c k e tt and introduced at W a d sw o rth when Mr. H a c k e tt visited the K. of C. about three w eeks ago. H a rry Seigel, Company M, then held the audience w ith recitations. One listening to him in “The G am b ler’s L a st D eal” would think he was in a real game and several of the boys had to rem ove their coats, being in “a poker sw e a t.” Babe O’Neil, of H e a d q u a rters, sang sev­ eral songs, introducing a parody on “K. P.” w ritten by Thom as Cody, of the 53rd Pio­ neers, which m e t w ith great applause. Then came a “bang!” It was the 53rd Pio­ neer orchestra starting one of its overtures, and they showed their appreciation by a thunderous applause. Then cam e R. A b ram s—now, w h ere he’s been, I don’t know, but he surely can put over in Jew ish comedy. He can also sing and he’ll find a place on the book at the K. of C. hall m arked “Cast of C h a racters.” John Cox, of Company G, is the John McCormick of W adsw o rth. He was an­ nounced as the next num b er and a storm of applause cam e forth; but, after a storm comes a calm, and it sure did come, for as soon as they saw he was ready to sing you could hear a pin drop, all fearing they would miss a note of his clear tenor voice. He sang “W h en Irish Eyes Are Shining” and “The Sunshine of Your Smile.” Private Dellorosa, having a clever “W op” monologue, volunteered to help out the sit­ uation, and he put across an act th a t could get big tim e in any good circuit. Four m em b ers of the orchestra then ren­ dered a selection which deserved and re­ ceived a hand. The m e m b ers were F u rratti, Senning, Gentile and Droesch, w ith Trescose at the piano. Tony Spagoni, the clever Italian come- 1 dian, closed the acts w ith comedy th a t kept the boys in continuous laughter. ; And thus was the show put on by the 53rd 1 Pioneer Infantry at an hour’s notice. N ext Monday night at the K. of C. hall *us. will be shown T riangle feature films, w ith a dash of vaudeville to ‘ m ake the evening en- i joyable for the lovers of both of these pop- : ular form s of camp am u sem ent. USUAL OVERFLOW AT K. OF C. “ MOVIES.” The magic of the movies—the capers of ■ reel comedians and the thrilling h e a rt throbs of reel lovers, entertained hundreds of thou­ sands of civilians throughout the United States on Monday evening, April 15th. Many attended the m arble and gilded palaces of the m etropolis—w h e re beautiful flowers shed their fragrance in the lobbies—w h e re run­ ners of velvety carpet cover the aisles— w h ere charm ing usherettes noiselessly flash the way to a cushioned seat and w h ere sym­ phony orchestras and w o nderful pipe or­ gans charm the ear. But w h ere in all the land, in all the elaborate or unpretentious pictorial parlors was there a more apprecia­ tive audience than th a t which th a t night occupied and surrounded the K. of C. build­ ing at Camp W a d sw o rth? T h e re w ere fully 1,200 soldiers jam m ed into the hall and scores clustered at the m any side and rear windows. One adven­ turous youth climbed on top of the huge stove, desiring a good range, so to speak. All seats w ere taken at 6:15 and long before the show commenced at 7:45 there was not even S. R. O. Always popular comm u nity singing put everyone in a good mood for the first picture which was a one-reel comedy entitled “An Officer’s M ess”—not referring to culinary or chow affairs, but to a m a trim o n ial mess which finally adjusted itself w ith the wed­ ding bells in tune. The greatest laugh of this film was a scene not intended for com­ edy—when two actor-officers displayed their ignorance of the proper m ilitary salute. Then came “The Sudden G entlem an,” a five-part feature film w i t h . a big punch-— literally and figuratively. The hero was a fighting Irishm a n who no doubt would be a valuable addition to our overseas forces. The best picture house in New York would be m ighty proud to have such orchestral ac­ com p anim ent for pictures as th a t which has been furnished by the 53rd Pioneer Jazz band at K. of C. movies. And their leader, Mr. Tresize, has a very keen conception of incidental music. “Some orchestra” was the com m ent heard on all sides. Between pic­ tures, Tony Gentile, of the band, gave two well-rendered selections on the baritone. P rivate Frow ley of 108th Field Hospital, kindly volunteered to shoot the pictures and did so in real Broadway fashion. These overflow entertainm e n ts have a free and easy atm o sphere. T h e re are a num b er of am u sing side rem a rks at movie shows; but never do the gatherings become boister­ o The entertainm e n t work of the K. of C. at Camp W adsw o rth will become more prom i­ n e n t w ith the opening of b u ilding No. 2 w ith­ in a week or so. CAMOUFLEUES BUILD MOUNTAIN, (Continued from page 11) w ith the necessary num b e r of servants oc­ cupied a battery or company street. A fter com pleting the inspection of the stables and returning to the street, we w e re told by one of the ever attendant footm en th a t “luncheon call had been blown.” So this was Bill’s idea of arm y life! I pitied him though I did not hint but t h a t it was all quite real. It was not real and yet it could not help but bring back to me ex­ periences of the days I had spent in the sam e spot. In place of the bare field w h ere the 27th had held their review s was an 18 hole golf course over which th e Group of H e a lthful E n v ironm e n tists took their daily exercise. Bill said golf took the place of bayonet drill th a t the soldiers had had. I spent two weeks visiting the scenes of my younger days and I boarded the Pullm an convinced th a t I was healthy enough. I gave the porter an order to w ake me when we reached N ew ark so th a t I would be dressed w h en we reached M a n h a ttan Isle again. H. B. WILLIAMS, B a ttery F. 104th F. A. Napoleon said “An Army fights on its belly.” W aste of food over here will m ean shorter rations over there. S. o . S. Letter One to Catholic Soldiers Among you boys in train ing are thou­ sands who will w ant to send home a su it­ able gift before startin g for France. You don’t know w h a t to buy. You’ll go floating around, picking up all sorts of nieknacks you don’t w a n t because you don’t know w h a t you do want. Why not send father, m o t h e r , sister, brother, wife or sw eetheart a rem em b rance w ith no nonsense about it? Som ething th a t will last, and be used daily; som ething w ith real sentim e n t in it; som ething w ith solemn thought in it; som ething of religious sig­ nificance; som ething th a t will call up the image of the absent one at the tim e he most w ishes to be rem embered—the tim e of prayer. N o thing fits' these requirem e n ts like a rosary; nothing except a rosary fits them at all. We make rosaries $1 to $50; good ones, $2.50; better, $4 and $5; solid 10k gold, $20; 14k, $25; new “pearl,” $10. T h a t last is w o n d erful; the “pearls” look exactly like real pearls for 1,000 tim es the money, and w ill w ear a lifetim e, more, too; it is the ideal gift for F irst Communion, graduation and weddings. Can be seen by sending the price, to be returned if not wanted. Rosa­ ries will be engraved free and sent to you in a handsom e case or direct to your friends. Illustrated catalog for full inform ation. W ish we could print it all here. As to our reliability we refer to our friends at Camp W adsworth, Lieut. J. F. Greaney, Co. L, 107th Infantry, and Sergeant A. G. Rolan- delli, Co. F, 105th Infantry. V a t t i R o s a r y Co., 106 Fulton St., New York.

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