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The Rio Grande rattler. ([McAllen], Hidalgo County, Tex.) 1916-1917, April 27, 1918, Image 29

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GAS ATTACK 27 ( I L Wa cn ^ r n this Strong Defense— Watch Case Your watch is essential in your work. Protect it. See this real watch protection at your jewelers. It is part of the watch. Ask for Fahys Armored Case. Made in cushion shape as wellas this round shape to fit anp standard move­ ment of 3-0 and 0 size . JOSEPH FAHYS & CO. E s tablish e d 1857 BOSTON NEW YORK CHICAGO FIELD HOSPITAL, COMPANY NO. 106. Much interest has been shown of late in the remodeling and re-arrangm ent of the dif­ ferent tents of the company. Tent number 7, known as “ Fall In n ,” in charge of Corporal “ P o p ” Townsend, is a model tent of the camp. ‘ ‘ Topper ’ ’ Folsom and *c Gravy ’ ’ McLaugh­ lin, two well-known vaudeville comedians of the camp, performed last Friday night at an entertainm e n t given by one of the adjoin­ ing . ambulance companies. The two come­ dians were features and performed in a professional manner. “ Colonel” Private Pedlow, the camou­ flage contractor of the company, is rather over-rushed with orders at the present. The private has a contract on hand which will take him fifteen days to finish. He will be assisted by “ Constie” P rivate F ir s t Class Waugh in all his undertakings. * ‘ C racker7 ’ Mechanic Malone and ‘ ‘ Speed ’ ’ Griff Holleran happened to let a day pass last week w ithout an argument. “ A m b ition” Private Polling has yet to learn how to manipulate an oil stove—The M ajor knows, but then the poor Camp clean­ ser profits by such mistakes. Turn your orderly chevrons over to “ R egulation” Cook, * ‘ Ambition. ’ 1 Lieutenant Reed very hurriedly ran his car out of the garage tent the other day to make a flying trip to town. The L ieutenant’s intentions were all right and perhaps he would have carried them out had it not been for our concrete steps, which were the cause of his sudden stop. The baseball team composed of the married men of the company in all respects outclass­ ed the team composed of the single men. Our chief dispenser of gloom, Private First Class Gardineer, is spending a ten-day fu r ­ lough home in Albany. A card received from “ Gloom” states his anxiety for a life fur­ lough from the army. Captain Taylor, in charge of the physical training of the Sanitary Train, has much to do with a number of the men arising morn­ ings feeling sore. The men all enjoy the calesthenics and feel confident they will be fit for the local police forces when they reach home. J. Vb B. COMPANY L, 3RD PIONEERS. Our very efficient supply sergeant was so anxious th a t our esteemed company should have some publicity in the Gas Attack that the live members of the outfit decided to try for a write-up, so th a t he could send a copy of the best arm y magazine to his old boss, the editor and typesetter and general all around owner of the Malden Evening M er­ cury, with 33 degrees of satisfaction glowing from his ruddy face to the very depths of his luxuriant head of hair. T h a t’s about enough publicity for a former nickel chaser so we will turn our attention to the following items of interest. H ank the Herm it is back with us after spending a vacation at the Base Hospital, and has a very great desire to get into action, but after seeing Cook Gage and Corporal Tendler in a death struggle he has calmed down some­ what. We are greatly grieved to have lost such fine, husky men as “ J e s s ” Riley, “ L u c k y ” Walsh and “ Tam a ” Flynn to the M. P. But on second thought our grief turns to sym­ pathy when we realize just w h at a hazardous undertaking they are going to undertake. But then they used to be undertakers, so they can undertake most anything w ith success, more or less. The second squad is indeed fortunate in having such, an able and ambitious corporal as Corporal Staples has proven himself to be. While the squad is busily engaged at the pop­ ular pastime of bunk fatigue he is usually busily engaged in wearing out our new broom. He is very modest, however, and dislikes to be complimented on his extraordinary energy, and we sincerely hope he gets his furlough soon so that he may go “ way down Maine, by heck,” and renew old acquaintances amongst the lumber jacks there. Now that Mess Sergeant Littlefield is ab­ sent on a 15-day furlough, we expect some­ thing extra every meal as the wealthy real estate owner, Sergeant W. A. Berg, is on the job, and it is known th a t he has the upper compartment of his army trunk filled w ith real Villa money of the 1916 issue, and is spending it freely whenever he gets the chance. When did that happen, down to the Border? B ILL MacDIDHIGAN. COMPANY C, 3RD PIONEER INFANTRY. F ir s t Class P rivate H a rry S. Acton is now in the Mounted Orderly section of the H ead­ quarters Troop of the 2nd Prov. Briagde Corps and Army Troops. The gloom has been lifted. “ Blonde B o b ” Cunningham has at last received a letter from “ somewhere in C a n ada.” We were all look­ ing for the silver among his golden locks, but perhaps the receipt of the letter will stave off the gray ones. Now, we will believe almost anything that Jack MacClellan tells us, but when he says that he was home almost 24 hours before go­ ing to see HER, we are rather skeptical. But why the sudden interest in fam ily allotments, Jack? Hid you put one over on us when you were home? More camouflage, say we. Bill Breen, our Irish Supply Sergeant, has the best line of alibis in the regiment. Ask him for something on Tuesday and he tells you he can’t draw anything from the Quar­ term a ster until Thursday. Ask him on Thurs­ day and he will bawl you out for not telling him what you w anted when he drew stuff Tuesday. One of the tricks of the trade, is it not, Bill? “ Cy ” Hyde is still looking for the fiend who cut the electric light wires when he was developing pictures in the Shower Baths the other night. We don’t know, ourselves, Cy, but we do know who owns the only pair of wire cutters in the company. Are you guilty, Bill? You have quite a collection at that, Clarence. Corporal Gaw is still wondering if the 0. J). was kidding him when he refused to receive the report at 10:59 the other night, but made “ B o b b ie ” w a it in the pouring rain until 11 o ’clock. W ear your rubber boots the next tme it is raining, Bob, and don’t be in such a hurry. The O. D. should have rubbers on and w o n ’t mind w aiting a while. Somehow or other, our esteemed Sanitary Sergeant, Jim Phillips, got in the line of fire the other day during a friendly bombard­ ment on his tent, w ith rocks, bottles, bats, etc., and stopped a bottle with his head. F o r­ tunately it was not broken so we can still get our nickel back on it. (Not his head, the bot­ tle.)

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