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The Rio Grande rattler. ([McAllen], Hidalgo County, Tex.) 1916-1917, April 27, 1918, Image 31

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GAS ATTACK 29 T r o y L a u n d r y 114-116 Wofford Street Spartanburg, S. C. Has Opened for Business This new modern plant will be entirely devoted to Camp Wadsworth work. With our new equipment we are able to promise three to four day service. Convenient receiving and distributing stations in camp. C l e a n Quick: Efficient COMPANY G, 105TH INFANTRY. 4 4 B a b y ” Joe Hickey was detailed to carry the first squad’s rations on the last day of the hike. He appeared especially spry de­ spite the extra load and when asked if the load was too much he replied, 4 4 Sure this pack is getting lighter each mile. ’ ’ When the mess call sounded it developed that the 4 4 B aby ’ ’ had eaten the squad’s mess allow­ ance. No wonder the pack got lighter at each mile. Tom G-lennon came back from his furlough mourning the loss of a perfectly good wrist watch. Tom, we warned you about those Bigtown Girls. Alonzo 44Nan” Campbell insists th a t it is easier to hike at night. Nan says the moon dries the roads much faster than the sun does. John Kovatch, Charles La Monte, Louis M a rtin are no longer carefree soldiers. The trio went home last week and upon their re­ turn lost no time in looking up 44Insurance” Joe Cahill to inform him th a t they wanted their beneficiaries changed. Three more mem­ bers of the bachelors lost. Dave Finnegan, the Woodside Heavy, is falling away to a ton. It requires two men to cover off Dave. Dave can’t understand why the boys paid to see the fa t man at the fair last week. He says 4 4 Anyone can look a t me and I w o n ’t charge a cent for it . ” 44Rappy ” R a p p o rt’s baseball tossers are doing excellent work. They have not been beaten yet. Their victims to date are Com­ pany H, Supply Company and Machine Gun Company of this regiment. J. Sylvester Fleming has not had a smile on his face since Palm Sunday. John receiv­ ed his unconditional release from 44N e llie” that day, but insists th a t he is not unattached until said Nellie returns his heart. 44A in ’t that a caution.” Sol Kopf is having a tough time finding men to put to work in the mess shack. Now that the S. C. D. men are going it looks as if Sol will be out of luck. He called for vol­ unteers but Jake Bahr was the only one to answer the call. Jake lost out as Sol figured there would not be anything for the rest of the company when Jake finished eating. P a t Forte and A1 Arnold, of W hite Plains, and Dublin, respectively, simply cannot agree. P a t insists th a t Dorando was the best horse that ever ran at Laurel Park while A1 con­ tends th a t Joe Jeanette was the best. Ralph Steiner has been christened Horse by the kitchen force. Ralph expects his oats no m a tter w h at time he gets up. R. Y. H. BATTERY D, 106TH FIELD ARTILLERY. There will be a musical comedy in three acts held next week with Mess Sergeant Judd as the headliner, entitled 44 Too Much Mus­ tard. ’ ’ The following men will be included in the cast* Cook Juliano, Cook Foley, Cook Mann, Cook Linsmaier. An elegant supper of M ustard Sandwiches will be served during the course of the play, for the small sum of 5 cents for the support of the M ustard Fund. Price of admission, one jar of mustard. Corporal Briggs is having his trunk sent to the range, having received an invitation to a tea party by one of the m o u n taineer’s daughters. Are you going to wear your Ox­ ford shoes and officer’s uniform? Corporal Jackson and Corporal Keethe a t ­ tended a dance at the B a ttery Park Hotel. Of course they had to walk from Campobello in the rain, which spoiled the affair. If you w ant to know how Asheville is ask Corporals W ilke, Pel ton, MeSorley, David- hazy and Meldrum, they ought to know. W andering Robinson has returned from his absence in the mountains. When he was asked where he was, he said he was seeing the country. He is now picking the country with a pick and shovel. When Lance Corporal Osborne heard of his promotion, he dashed out of the tent, and in the excitement hung himself on the clothes line. Moon-Face Eichinger paid a visit to a girl house at the Range, and stayed so late the g irl’s father yelled down from the stairs, 44Has that man got his pajamas with him ? ” Our modest and wonderful Supply Sergeant Yought spent the week-end at Tryon. Need­ less to say they had to send a searching par­ ty out for him. He was caught in the act of curling his mustache. CORPORAL S. W. J.

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