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The Rio Grande rattler. ([McAllen], Hidalgo County, Tex.) 1916-1917, April 27, 1918, Image 33

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GAS ATTACK 31 104TH FIELD ARTILLERY AT THE CAMP. The ‘ ‘ Gimme-xne ’ ’ club has officially changed its name to the “ Donnez moi B o y s / ’ w ith P rivate N aught on of B a ttery B, as its first president. Private W irobrink kept ev­ erybody in stitches reciting Ms initial try ­ out entitled “ Why Sew Buttons on Soldiers’ Pants When Suspenders Are Suspended from Equipm ent O f ” The speakers of the even­ ing were numerous. Sergeant Gower spoke on “ Seconds in the K itc h e n /’ Sergeant Bruce of the Supply Company, recited his hitherto unpublished recitation inspired by attending the\ Quarterm aster School, “ The Honor Among the Thieves.” P rivate McMillan, the moustache-less youth, spoke on the “ Can­ teen and Dividends.” Sergeant Cusack, B a t­ tery E, thrilled the boys with his experiences in the trenches. He still insists that he was gassed at the front a year or two ago. Ser­ geant Bartoo, the Apple Knocker King, tried to explain why he is in the army, but some­ one interrupted him, asking for a chew and (he Sergeant forgot w h at he was going to say. Corporal W agner, who claims exemption from Guard Duty, spoke on the art of “ Gimme- me w h at ye got and let me have one.” All in all the gathering proved a success. Someone would think P rivate Panker would enjoy bunk fatigue. He doesn’t. He claims the cots are so uncomfortable. P rivate Steinberg, B a ttery A, is about the only soldier who has been heard to brag about grade. He wants everyone to know th a t he is a P rivate F irst Class. Of course he is now acting Corporal. Sergeant William does not seem to be as busy as he used to. Private Ruton has been shipped to the range and the Sergeant does not have to go looking for him. The Wild Irishm an, Cornelius Riley, of Syracuse, N. Y., the ex-bugler and now bugler pro tempo, sounded a Yiddish ditty the other day as a march before Reveille. P r i­ vates Landow and Zelenko almost forgot themselves and were about to s tart a Kasatch- ko, when Sergeant Doyle loudly whispered 1 c A ttention. ’ ’ Speaking of Sergeant Doyle, someone down the stables of the Supply Company told the w riter th a t he heard the Red Headed Ser­ geant sing: “ My colored Rose of the South.” Who is she anyway, Sergeanto? Bugler Beebe and his hound are inseparable. P rivate Baldrini wants to- be known as Baldrin. The dropping of the “ I ” has not reduced any of the Egotism as it were. The Bohemian Quarter of B - B a ttery is conducted by PIerrs. Buvalik, Yojik and Moy- loik. We regret the loss of Lieutenant Goubeaud, the gentleman from Flushing. He has been appointed Commanding Officer of the Mobile V eterinary Section No. 105. May success fol­ low Mm. Sergeant Williamson denies emphatically th a t he ever read Balzac or Alexandre Du­ mas, fils. Where do you get that sentim ental stuff, Sergeant? Corporal Maurice Ledwith manages to go COMPANY E, 51ST PIONEER INFANTRY. First Lieutenant A lbert C. Fredman, of this company, and Miss Mabel Curtis, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Curtis, of Brooklyn, New York, were married at the home of the bride in Brooklyn, March 5th. A fter a short honey­ moon spent in W ashington, D. C., and Camp Meade, where the Lieutenant was formerly stationed w ith the 313th Infantry, they re­ turned to Brooklyn, the bride remaining there and the Lieutenant reporting back to his command. Captain Daniel J. Cassidy is spending a fifteen-day furlough in Kingston, N. Y., where his wife has just given birth to a baby girl. Congratulations from us all. “ J e r r y ” Faiola, our new Incinerator ser­ geant, is kept very busy lately showing the men which tub has the soap in to wash their mess kits. I t is rem arkable w h at a lovely temper “ J e r r y ” has. Private Louis Mabie and Sergeant Louis Henstenberg are spending their furloughs in Brooklyn, N. Y. I t is funny how sudden the “ B lanks” teeth went bad when he reache.1 home and unfortunately he could not get five extra days to have them fixed. Private Robert Norton has been detailed to the M ilitary Police. “ R ip” ought to make a good M. P. as he is there with the size. Sergeant. Charles Hopkins was- a week-end visitor in Asheville, N. C. Cook Daniel Christianna was m arried while on furlough to Mrs. Emma A1 vers on, of Al- sen, N. Y., the wedding taking place at West Camp, N. Y. Corporal Vernon Hasselman and Cook Frank Hitchcock expect their wives here this week for short visits. A large delegation from this company went down to Spartanburg recently to see . Red Mack of Company D take the measure of Kiddie Diamond in a fifteen round bout at the Spartanburg A thletic Club. CORPORAL JEA N L. BAPTISTE. to the Base Hospital the day when he is sup­ posed to go on guard. We hate to have you sick, but a Goldbrick should do Ms bit once in a while. Sergeant Ruge, Stable Sergeant of the De­ tachment, still insists th a t he did not see the prisoners cleaning the supply company sta­ bles, but someone in authority says: “ I f you didn’t you w e ren’t on your jo b .” D o n ’t argue, Monsieur Ruge. C ’est la guerre. “ D rastic M easure” Mr. Allen, of the Y. M. C. A. U n it 97, is back again. I ’ll bet there will be no smoking during the moving picture shows. Mr. A llen’s favorite motto, after the famous Confucius is: “ You smokie, no mo­ vie. ’ ’ The fellows who enjoy a movie show don’t object to Mr. A llen’s ruling, and I think the boys themselves have started a crusade of “ clinch the b u tt s ” until the show is over. FRENCHIE. en of the 27th lvision As it is probable that you may move in a short while, we are taking this space to ex­ press to you our appreciation of your patronage and the pleasure of our personal con­ tact and acquaintance with you. Your commander is honored in having such a body of gen­ tlemen and soldiers. W e bid you Godspeed, and would count it a privilege to shake hands with you before you go. The WADSWORTH RESTAURANT B. T. Earle, Business Manager 52ND PIONEERS DANCE. On Thursday evening, April 11, 1918, the non-commissioned officers (Overseas Club) of this regim e n t. gave a Supper Dance in the Rock Cliff Chib rooms. I t is very gratifying to report th a t it was a grand success, but w h at else could be expected when one con­ siders the able nanas into whose charge the m a tters of arrangem ent had been placed. Es­ pecial credit and thanks must be given to the untiring efforts of Sergeant Thomas L. F a r ­ rell, Company G. We non-coms of the regiment feel highly honored at the presence of General and Mrs. Guy Carleton, and there is no doubt in my mind but th a t the memory of that evening will live w ith all of us long after we have gone our different ways at the close of this war. PETE. NEW K. OF C. SECRETARY ARRIVES IN CAMP. Mr. John J. M cIntyre, of Philadelphia, ar­ rived at K. of Q. headquarters on - S a turday, A p ril 13th, to act as field secretary and of­ ficial scribe of K. of C. activities a t Camp W adsw o rth. H e has had some new spaper experience and is known in professional vaudeville as Shan M cIntyre, song w riter and singer. U-boats have had no terrors for him as he has been across the A tlantic four tim e s since the outbreak of w a r and is fa­ m iliar w ith w a r conditions “over there.” K. C. OAMPMAHN.

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