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W \ x njp*8K r>o \ m^tM'yMf, *1 JP* * i •«Er# Gemini CAPE KEWfEDT, fit. (AP) „•- With a cafl from the bpavw tor peace 00 earth, America's newest spaceman deftly ex- pored the worM of the space* waiter for two record-shatter- ing hours Sunday, hurdling tbe boldest goal of Gemini 12 with the grace of a skydiver. Amaxingly calm and talka- tive, Edwin E. (Buzs) Aldrin Jr. played the rote of window-wiper and simple mechanic while more than doubling tbe record for time spent by any human exposed to tbe boundless, hostile arena outside his spaceship. » • * And, Aldrin's 35,e6t-mfle stroll, lasting precisely 2 hours • minutes, 2$ seconds, became he mot atatfta a Ito yeitartay, he hfcs with still session Monday Afterward AJftin and lit command pilot, Jameb A. LopR Jr. sailed on to conquer other feats in their four-day voyage, tbe finale in the nation's Gambd program due for splashdown Tuesday morning. * * * They planned ta back away from the Agena target rocket linked to their nose the past two days, then fly in formation with it for several hours while tied together with a 100-foot cord Coaly that genre mm,.we man cmld week effecttrety ia ipaca so tag as he takes it easy and has the proper equipment Gingerly, he pfonged headlong fete the void, bundled in a stiff ycamtt white dangling from a JMoot umbilical cord feeding Wm oxygen, AH went so pen. Iris talk lasted IS minutes ton* er than planned .Aldrin ambled over to the Agena right off the bat and placed the looped end of the cord over a docking bar pro- truding from the nose of Gemini *Jk be get ae ttnd •paejraai MB |IR MM oafcfc all to fekipk. MiHtAWi had &pt Gor*» «Wt >«j a special tataa strap an to ksap from tattaf. TbU kept Mm fret* flMtftef aimkB&ly walfe at Ito, tea* a .HI jt-f^-tadi vise syta ' wfefc 'Not. Si, im, tt4 aa. American flag on tbe lajaiie. Originally, before two dMtya IM week, tte wife Uti thme, AHrtai taek ewe tl Us ftreqoei* breaks. WW* rest- ing, he annbiinced: \I have as emblem here I'd like to leave in orbit It says 4 Nov. 11, Vets Day.' I'd like to extend the meaning to include all tbe peo- ple of the world who stand for wOrid tare been staged on Vet- mns Day. *lQftt»? fine, 0 said Mtsston ffctnreof U* and LoveH, tine a amy graduate, am \in a terrible job. I hate-to do that- Htdid, though. Aldrin became the abcth man to open a hatch and atop fete tte wetntoesa of men wiwe there is nof up nor #wn and no \Walt!** Aldrin than said In a less etrioua veht 'Tre got an* other one here. This message that I have concerns a contest coming up in tbe future.\ Aldrin, a West Point gradu- ate, came out with words from sensation o the datxHs* »,*•* mfle-an-hour spendL Navy Cmdr. Bufaoa A. Cer^ nan was the first In. rvfc upon the baffling problem of over- work when he tried to strap on a superrocket pack while standing in the rear of Gemini I. His vt- President's surgery set Wednesday at Bethesda wont area* an £ j% n «#^ 1 ' e « !•• m \i ' mmmimmm qm FREDERICKSBURG, Tex, (AP) — President Johnson an- nounced Sunday he will undergo surgery Wednesday morning at Bethesda Naval Medical Center near Washington for removal of a small throat growth and to repair a gall bladder incision hernia. He made the announcement of the time and place of the opera- tion himself after attending Sun- day morning church services here, 15 miles from the LBJ Ranch. Johnson said he considers the surgery relatively minor, and expects to be in the hospital onlv \a verv few davs.\ After k » » that, he said he will return to Texas for most of the remainder of the year. Johnson announced that he has signed the so-called foreign investors' tax bill — described by its critics as \the Christmas tree bill\ — which carries a provision for voluntary taxpay- er financing of presidential campaigns. He disclosed also that he has vetoed a District of Columbia crime bill. In an accompanying statement he said he dis- approved the measure because be feels that in an effort to ex- tend police powers it would lead to complications and confusion and actually make tbe police- man's job harder. Speaking of his operation, Johnson said the understanding Ion presidential inability which he reached with Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey two years ago will be operative during and after the surgery. This authorizes the vice presi- dent to act in emergencies when the President is unable to do so. Presumably this would be oper- ative white Johnson is under anethesla or not fully recovered from te effects — a period esti- mated at a couple of hours. Humphrey's authority would be limited to meeting emergencies and would not apply to routine business. The President, with Mrs. Johnson sitting alongside, told a news conference at the Freder- icksburg Municipal Center, \I feel fine.\ He plans to fly back to Wash- ington on Monday morning and enter the hospital Tuesday after- noon. At the time Johnson disclosed a week ago last Thursday that he faced surgery, doctors said the type of throat growth he has is common among singers and others who use their voices a great deal. They a^ded that such polyps usually are noncan- cerous but Johnson's will be routinely tested after the opera- tion. Tbe presidential financing is News in brief Canadian joins in Soviet call MOSCOW (AP) — Foreign Minister Paul Martin of Canada joined Soviet leaders in Moscow Sunday in a call for the earliest possible signing of a treaty to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons. Hungarian called *py MILAN, Italy (AP) - A Hun- garian commercial attache ar- rested in Italy on an espionage charge gained secret informa- tion over a seven-month period on U.S. and Italian bases In northern Italy, police in Milan said Sunday. Police said Ferenc Bodai, first secretary of the Hungarian state commercial office in MS- an, and Domizio VHla, 24, a Romney not sure whether he'll run the most generally Interesting of 25 extraneous amendments hung on the foreign investors' tax bill It provides that a taxpayer, by checking a box on Ms income tax return, may have $1 allotted to presidential campaign funds for the two major parties — without adding anything to his tax bill. Proponents estimated that it can provide up to $30 million each to the Democrats and to the Republicans for the 1968 White House race although it would not provide funds for les- ser contests. Its supporters argue that it frees the presiden- tial candidates of the need to seek large sums from powerful individuals and groups who might later demand: favors in IflUi'U. * 3^#?%'-\**v •'•''Hi ';<• <~ • ' < ' v : *s *V&. I % cat: C;/$*3 1 RETALIATING RAID — Israeli trtiM crowd around a cap- tured Jordanian Land Rover afterlhcy struck into Jordan Sunday in what Israel called a retaliatory raid. The Israeli traej* began destruction of an knk villain while Jordanian and Israeli }et fighters fought an aerial battle. A United Na- tions spokesman announced that a cease-fire had been ar* ranged between Jordan and Israel. pioye, had WASHINGTON (AP) - Michi- gan Gov. George W. Romney said Sunday he hasn't decided whether to seek the Republican presidential nomination. And Barry Goldwater said if Rom- ney does hell face a major sell- ing job within the party. The former Arizona senator and 19M GOP standard-bearer put his own position this way: \I wouldn't say that I am against him. But I'm urging him to get out and clarify his position/' Interviewed on the NBC tele- ^iskm-radio program \Meet the Press\ the newly re-elected Michigan governor said be be- lieves President Johnson \would have been beaten this year if be had run.\ And he added he thinks the Republicans have several men who could defeat Johnson. Appearing later on the ABC television-radio program M Is- and Answers/' Goldwater that If Romney, who re- to endorse Goldwater's UN candidacy, wants the 1MB nomination \his biggest job will P-R publishes 2 (kily editions Wit Prtin^adkim today begins pdHfafafag two daily Mdooefor be with his own party.\ Asked if Romney's refusal to endorse him in 1964 still ran- kles, Goldwater replied: \It al- ways will.\ 1 * • # Asked whether he would en- courage, ignore or discourage his presidential boosters, Rom- ney said: 4 Tm going to decide at some point whether to be- come involved or not. I just ha- ven't made a decision yet. Tm not a candidate.\ He said such a decision would hinge on such elements as 4t whether the people want you— whether you have solutions for problems that are better than what is now being proposed.\ Goldwater said Romney needs more exposure on national and international issues before \anyone can say I agree with George Romney.\ • • • Although he caBed himself -a Nixon man,\ Goldwater denied that be and former Vice Presi- dent Richard M. Nixon are col- laborating in a stop-Romney movement. Goldwater agreed with Rom- ney that several Repofcflca* presidential prospects emerged from the IM eiecttOB. He named Gov. James A. Rhodes of Ohio, and Gov.-eiect John Williams of Arizona. fctrinateprartde Comity with bean dropped from the fts own TleP-K pins* to provide a af asm a^ pietirea taikred qpecfifcaBjr to & the lto P£ ta opoMd mtber boreai ta Enex Cwutjr — by Hat Otiey. forroerty of VM 1B Pijdtrthtuwu it bjr Uaf Paytao. DM Ml ate slam to add to Ha ataff af atttatt qaat City man injured in crash Bobert L Barry SL WM m 11, State Psttoa said It of 272 is a 314 trav- Israel, Jordan clash at border .3J3T WHERE INCIDENT OCCURRED — UPI newsmap indicates Jordanian town of Samao where Israeli troops evacuated Its Ijm residents and blew up 4t booses in what Israel called a \self defense\ action. Israeli troops attacked three villages fat Jordan between Jerusalem and Beersbeba and Israeli and Jordanian Jet planes clashed in one of the most serious Arab- Israeli military confrontations since Israels invasion of Sinai in 1154. New law lets taxes swell political party revenue WASHINGTON <AP) - Legis- lation wfoich President Johnson htt Just signed into law In Tex- as is a Rvotatkmary approach to financtqg of presidential campaigns. It could make up to m mSttw each available to the Democrats and to the Republi- cans for the IMS White .House race. any et IM at I :# pja. when Ms car ngK anovoer, the mad and to re* at the base of a The fmdi would come titan voluntary ta^ayer cootrfbo- tax in- af the idea OT it would tree the par* fee af Wm waad to see* tege from powerful to- dad grosapa who might falws hi return. Tbe pmtttaf would set up to the Tlniisrj a presidential election capip tad into which eadk! fcaajeyer could con- tribute II aaanlhr — tl far a cwple — by cbeckmg a box on his lacunae tax return. preceding election by H, sub- tracting $10 million, and divid- ing by two. About 70 million votes were cast in the 1W4 Johnson-Cold- water race, so that the fund could total |d mffiton in 1M8 with each major party entitled to half • • • rkU payments iato the ted would be made in IMS by a checkoff on 1M7 tax return*. Bot if the fond Ad not esough money to pay the estttteniect in INS, the could be made up out of costrib* uttoosia future years. Once (he plan wes in fuB eratkm, there would be years to build up the ted lor the nest ejection. Any would revert to the TEL AVIV, Israel (AP) - Tank-led Israeli forces swept more than two miles into Jor- dan on Sunday, attacking three towns and engaged in heavy- fighting with Jie veteran Jor- danian Arab Legion. Both sides claimed they inflicted heavy losses. After more than three hours of combat, U.N. observers ob- tained a cease-fire and the Isr- aeli troops withdrew. • * • A few hours later, a Syrian army spokesman in Damascus j said, shooting broke out on the Syrian-Israeli border and was still going on. During the Israeli strike in Jordan, Jets of both nations clashed in dogfights. The Israel- is said one Jordanian plane was shot down. Jordan claimed it destroyed two Israeli jets and damaged a third. At tte United Nations in New York, Ambassador Muhammad H. El-Farra of Jordan told a newsman the Israeli troops, backed by 20 tanks and 20 ar- mored personnel carriers, killed 26 Jordanians — 13 soldiers and 13 dvQians - wounded 54 and captured three Jordanian troops. • • • « # Weather In Amman, a Jordanian mili- tary spokesman claimed that more than 50 Israelis were killed or wounded, three IsraeH tanks destroyed inside Jordan and at \ust seven more de- stroyed near the armistice line inside Israel. An Israeli spokesman ac- knowledged stiff resistance from the Arab Legion in the town of Samu, one of three ob- jectives in the attack, but claimed the legion was beaten back. He gave Israel's losses as one killed and 10 wounded. Israel announced that tbe raid, said to have been in bri- gade strength, was in retaliation for sabotage forays. Three Isr- aeli troops and an army com- mander were killed Saturday and six wounded in tbe same area where their car hit a land mix:. In New York Arthur J. Gold- berg, US. ambassador to the United Nations, deplored what he called \the large-scale retali- atory raid\ by Israel and also deplored \the terrorist incidents in Israel which preceded this raid.\ Prime Minister Levi Eahkol erf Israel said in a statement that the attack was a \wanting raid.\ He said Saturday's mining incident li was all tbe graver because it came only a few days after the Security Council erf the United Nations completed Ks consideration of a series of out- rages committed by tbe armed forces erf oar northern neighbor, Syria, or by terrorist bands trained and organized in that country and operating with the knowledge and encouragement of the Syrian government.\ • • • • -.', Esbkol expressed determiaa* ! tion to check any attacks against Israeli citizens and add* ed: \We trust that the lesson will not go unheeded in Damas- cus.\ The fighting with Jordan [ boiled up about 30 miles south of Jerusalem in the bulge of Jor- danian territory west of (he Dead Sea. Referring to tbe new shooting on the Syrian - Israeli border. a Syrian Army spokesman claimed that an Israeli patrol supported by automatic wea « pons started it by opening fire on Syrian border positions is \an act of provocation.\ He said the Syrians returned the fire, wrecked part of tbe pons and suffered n) • • * An afQelal Israeli que claimed that Syria began the shooting, with weapons that included recoiDess guns, et H a.m. and continued on and £f until 6:35 p.m. Israel returned tbe fire for onlv one hour, the communique aakL Israel said tbe incident tad near the Askm meat in the central Jordan Bfr er valley, to the Berth of ftie Sea oT Galilee. 4^- The land! attack on Mfar in the south, about » mfles sowth of tion i& the bulge of territory we* of fte Dart Police seek kidnapper of child DENVER, Coin. (AP>-Deo- ver poHoe grasped at shm and ethereal leads Sunday as they eeBttmed their search for a •ewDorn oaoy uouapea xnxn a hospital maternity w«rd early a Ittoed a wufiuflsec about the floor finosa wttA tte baby WM taftao gat atppbes abort l.-» aja. , Tbt baby waa M hours M aa was taken. ~~ Poftce hcie pet art a wide boDcfe far a red mM black; IMS or It Rambter tsfe, AaarVic* a sum aad a --f?- 4

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