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J THURSDAY, APRIL 13, 1989 ENTERTAINMENT PRESS*EPUBLICAN PAGE Jl Osears sure to spark debate about categories By liF F STWCKLER Minneapolis-St. Poul Star Tribune Have the Academy Awards for supporting actor and actress lost their focus? The controversy has grown in recent years, and now is sure to be cranked up another notch in light of the Oscars won by Geena Davis for \The Acciden- tal Tourist\ and Kevin Kline for \A Fish Called Wanda.\ The argument is not about their performances; both were strong. The question is whether they were competing in the pro- per categories. If not, is that fan- to the other competitors? Critics of the nominating system have complained that Davis and Kline had starring roles, not supporting ones. The implication is that because they had much higher visibility in their roles, they had an advan- tage over their less-prominently featured competitors. There have been calls in the past for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to designate supporting and starr- ing roles during the nomination process. So far the academy has resisted, instead providing an open ballot in which voters are free to write down any name in any category they feel is ap- propriate. Before the nominations, the studios bombard the trade press with \for your consideration\ ads that promote people for specific categories. Studio publicists freely admit that they tailor these campaigns to in- crease their studio's chances of winning. In other words, if they think the competition for best actress is too strong for Davis to SPORTSMAN'S LOUNGE Rte. 3 Redford 293-8829 Friday, April 14th \C & W Reviews\ 9P.M.-1 A.M. Happy Hour 8:00-9:00 Saturday, April 15th 9:30-1:30 Tm$g ACADEMY AWARD WINNEH f 4 -JEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS • J&0alW6 PM GEENA DAVIS 15 06 j TH£ ACCIDENTAL TOURIST, RNAIWEEK1EVE ENDS TONITE - WINNER 3 ACADEMY AWARDS 8P) h\72ftffl$y m A fast, tense thriller. \A**7flaa th e movi e P\ 1 *\\ lATJiD ( lillffiill The last neighborhood In Amerlca.nnraa \Breezy comedy, lbu-ca good time J\' 1 ^' iiuNitfr have a shot at winning, they will promote her for best supporting actress. ^ The fuzziness surrounding the supporting Oscars can be traced to the proliferation of the ensemble cast. One of the longtime standards for determin- ing a supporting role is the amount of time the actor spends on screen. Ensemble casts split up the on-screen time so much that often everyone in the cast can be considered a supporting player. That was the common complaint when both Tom Berenger and Willem Dafoe were nominated from \Platoon\ two years ago and in 1984 when Sam Shepard was nominated for \The Right Stuff and Glenn Close from \The Big Chill.\ Kline falls into this ensemble- actor category. Although \A Fish Called Wanda\ was labeled John Cleese's movie, Cleese wrote a script that spread around the action and the good jokes. As a result, Kline could be considered as much the star as anyone else who was in the movie. While there's precedent for Kline's position, the inclusion of Davis in the supporting categb- ry is hard to reconcile on any grounds. She was billed in the credits below Kathleen Turner, but everyone in Hollywood knows that the order of the cred- its is determined as much by the bargaining power of the actor's agent as the significance of the STEAK IS GREAT THURSDAY NIGHTS 5-9 P.M. BROILED RIBEYE STEAK SOUP OR SALAD $ 1 A POTATO &VEG. IU 444 Margaret St. 563-9574 95 u;s. Av. Plartsbt 'Roseanne' again top-rated show in Nielsens AP LaserPhoto Geena Davis role. Davis clearly was the female lead. She was on screen much more than Turner. Her character was the one William Hurt's character played off during his metamorphosis. She even got the guy in the happy-ever-after ending; if that's not a designa- tion of a leading lady, what is? NEW YORK (AP) - A high* rated NCAA championship basketball game 'helped CBS come in second in last week's ^Nielsens, but didn't budge NBC from No. 1, even though ABC's \Roseanne\ was the top-rated show of the week. Last year, the NCAA champi- onship game was enough to give CBS a first for J,he week. This year, the game had a somewhat lower rating, but was still in the top 10. According to the A.C. Nielsen Co., the top-rated shows of the week were: \Roseanne\ ABC, \The Cosby Show\ NBC, \Cheers\ NBC, \A Different World\ NBC, \60 Minutes\ CBS, \NCAA Championship - Michigan vs. Seton Hall\ CBS, \Golden Girls\ NBC, \Empty Nest\ NBC, \L.A. Law\ NBC and \Murder She Wrote\ CBS. \Roseanne\ had the highest rating of the week, 23.3, but a lower share, 35, than \Cosby\ with a 38. Each rating point rep- resents 904,000 households with television. The share is a per- centage of sets in use,, NBC said-the \Cosby\ rating was lower because of the switch to daylight saving time affecting shows that are on at the beginn- ing of prime-time when in many parts of the country it's still light outside. \Roseanne\ is on an hour into prime time. 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S Nightly Specials ENJOY CASUAL LAKESIDE DINING IN AIR CONDITIONED COMFORT 444 Margaret St., Plattsburgh, N.Y. For Reservations 563-9574 s s \ \ «( s s s s << s << s coming in 12th for the week. But the bad news for ABC is \Moonlighting which went on hiatus earlier this year, then moved to Sunday night where it is in the bottom. 10 of the Nielsen ratings with a 6.2 and a 10 share. Only two other shows, both* of them on ABC, rank lower: \HeartBeat\ and \Men.\ NEWMATSTS LAKE HOtrSE THURSDAY SPECIAL SIZZLING RIB EYE STEAK & $ \ 2 .95 Vz LB. STEAMED SHRIMP«„ the shell) with drawn butter. Includes deluxe salad bar or homemade soup, potato, rice, fresh vegetable or pasta. WE WILL BE CLOSED FRI., APRIL 14th FOR A PRIVATE BANQUET. Lake Shore Road WbBQ three oddballs try to play hardball, the result is totally screwball 12:40-6:50-9:20 A^^ywtthbdiaridballi. THE DREAM TEAM 1:10-7:00-9:30 THE RESCUERS 1:00-5:30 DEAD CALM R 12:50-6:50-9:50 FLETCH LIVES 1:20-7:20-9:35 SING 7:10-9:45 TROOP BEVERLY HILLS PC 1:15-7:10-9:30 RAIN MAN R 12:30-6:40-9:20 BILL & TED'S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE 1:30-7:30-9:40 M» THURSDAY \All You Can Eat\ Italian Buffet—^ Adults s 7.99 Children Under 12 5 4.99 Under 4 FREE Serving 4 P.M.-9 P.M. featuring: Baked Ziti Italian Sausage Cannelloni Meatballs Lasagna Eggplant Parmigiana Manicotti Garlic Bread Tossed Salad Potato Salad Coleslaw Macaroni Salad Fresh Assorted Fruits DESSERTS —>- Your Choice: Pies: Apple, Blueberry, Cherrv Jello Rice Pudding |— f ri-lAXTP! (h.Ml SOUTH Television tonight Mov* Hmttngt Good Outstanding ***# Not Bad am.i.nt ***'* Ft*. Very Good *#* Poor . .** . #\4 THURSDAY APRIL 13, 1989 EVENING 6:00 O 8 O 0 ® NEWS O STAR TREK 0 ppna MACNEIL LEHRER NEWSHOUR Watch, Bid » Buy! » Vermont ETV Auction Vermont ETV Arjv O VERMONT ETV AUC , TION 0 3-2-1 CONTACT g | PROFILES NOVIE Dennis the] •\ SPORTS TRIVIA BONANZA: THE EPISODES E/R FINDERS KEEPERS MOVIE **V 3 ireat Dan Patch EVENING RACE RE | LITTLE MISS PER- | MOVIE *** Eye ol —die J WEATHER WATCH | SHE-RA: PRINCES! DWER (PACTS OF LIFE J MATT HOUSTON IALICE : NEWS g \^ ABC NEWS g _ _ TLV BUSINESS REPORT ~l HEROES: MADE IN | J.S.A. | SHOWBIZ TODAY J SPORTSLOOK TEASY STREET J DOUBLE DARE : ; (NE W COUNTRY 1 CARTOON S WKRP I N CINCIN 6:35 V!U:\A ON E DAY AT A TIME 6:45 l!l=M Movie **i The Karate Kid (1984) 7:00 B CBS NEWS g 0 JEOPARDYI g Q ON THE ROAD AGAIN g —— ID UX&U CHEERS g <B ENTERTAINMENT TO NIGHT CB! E3HJ1 NIGHTLY BUSI NE nil |RT WHEEL OF FOR- • MACNEIL/LEHRER NEWSHOUR ~i CHRONICLE NONEYLINE J SPORTSCENTER |OU R HOUSE SPENSER: FOR INSPECTOR SET , NIGHT TIM E HAR- » RACIN G INFORMA- TION I MOVIE * The All- nighter I TOP CARD I WEATHER WATCH [MIAMI VICE J COSBY SHOW g TANDY GRIFFITH _ HOLLYWOO D SQUARES m USA TODAY O STANLEY CUP PLAY OPFS ID INN NEWS IS MY SECRET IDENTITY €3 CEHl WHIZ QUIZ m CURRENT AFFAIR tliU J WORLD OF SURVI VAL CROSSFIRE SPEEDWEEK _ MOVIE *** Birds t. Bees Dc It LOONEY TUNES CROOK AND CHASE NIGHT COURT JEOPARDYI g \ KATE a ALLIE g MEGAPHONE NEWS NOTES SANFORD AND AARP CONSUMER J J RADIO THEATER I HOURS g I 0 COSBY SHOW g I MOVIE *** Mamie j MEXICO g [MOVIE ** The Return ofthe Shaggy Dog > FHONTLINE g EDGE AND BE J PRIMENEWS [BEST OF WALT DIS- 1 PRESENTS rang DRAG RACING J2JT MOVI E ** K,n 9 So- lomon s Treasure I CAGNEY 4 LACEY | MISTER ED PUBLIC DEFEN- DER QXjI RACE FORMAT BQ MOVIE ** \Prince of Darkness\ QQ.NASHVILLE NOW HUB WEATHER WATCH ITf-ri MURDER. SHE WROTE rn?l SOUL TRAIN MUSIC AWARDS rjjjgg UNTOUCHABLES 6:05 FPUT NBA BASKET BALL 8:25 PWa N.Y.S. NUMBERS GAME DRAWING 8:30 0 0 DIFFERENT WORLD n _ WILD WORLD OF EAST MISTER ED DR. CHRISTIAN iUALIZER 0 0 CHEERS g 0 0 QQa a GREAT PER- FORMANCES g DYNASTY g _ INT ETV AUC- TION CONTINUES nana VIVALDI: THE roUB SEASONS BETC1 LARRY KING LIVE BBa MOVIE *V? coot Chang, THURSDAY NIGHT IER Ex- liUltl Movie treme Prejudice (1987) nai MOVIE **VS TR sioane\ QQQI MOVIE **'/ 2 Risky Business riga MY THREE SONS BiBl MOVIE **• The Barori ol Arizona E2JJ2I MOVIE *Vi Bul- letproof J WEATHER WATCH [BOXING J UNTOUCHABLES EAM STREET g » OEAR JOHN 7 DONNA REEO VIOEOCOUNTRY 10:00 O KNOTS LANDING g P L.A. LAW 0 VfiVli ABC NEWS SPEClATg ~H NEIGHBORS tltjj £3223 J AUTO RACING [700 CLUB BEST OF SATUR WGHT LIVE MOVIE **V 2 The droom Window DQWEATHE R WATCH 10:20 VSTa CLASH OF THE CHAMPIONS 10:30 0 NATIONAL g | INN NEWS HTINQALE JSCTV [NEW COUNTRY _ MOVIE **</2 jjed Edge MEGAPHONE i-NEWS NOTES | MOVIE *'/3 -Ntght- mare at Noon' 10:50 ESQ] STARCLIPS 10:55 0 JOURNAL 11:00 0 0 0 ROQl NEWS 0CHEERS g ICTV NEWS g ~* — l RI8ING DAMP NEVLINE ADVENTURES OF ELE.'AND HARRIET REMINGTON SPENSER: FOR I ROWAN i MAR- ILAUQH-IN \|MOVIE*** Fam- er'sUttk* Dividend BB a YOU CAN BE A fffl[ WJtATHCR WATCH . I MIAMI VICE iHONEYMOONERS J BENNY HILL 'SAJAK 0 TONIGHT SHOW O 0 NEWS 0 HONEYMOONERS 0QSIQ MOVIE ** An- gel sOne Five 0 NIGHTLINE g 0 MACNEIL/LEHRER NEWSHOUR FRENCH AND DERS | SPORTS TONIGHT IT ALL STARTED I A MOUSE: THE DIS- NEY STORY | SPORTSCENTER CAR 54, WHERE YOU? { HARNESS WRAP-UP CROOK AND CHASE I HILL STREET S ^INSIDE EDITION MORTON DOW- Cro- 11.551233 Movie Versa' MAT B2Q MOVIE * codile Dundee ~\ NASHVILLE NOW FRIDAY'S OUT- NEW MIKE HAM 12:20 12:25 Vice fersa' (1986) 12:00 O NEWHART g 0 COP TALK 0 DYNASTY 0 MORGAN BRITTANY PANTRON TO BE ANNOUNCED EDGE ANO BE LNEW8NIGHT SUPER- I SERIES |MOVIE* * \King So- n's Treasure\ lybv BLUE •JllUWE ROOM FOR OVtRNtQHT FOR- Qm NIGHTLINE g UDSB MEGAPHONE VIDEO-NEWS NOTES 13X1 MOVIE * Friday the 13th -- the Final Chapter 12:30 0 LATE NIGHT WITH OAVIO LETTERMAN O MOVIE 0 MOVIE *• Private Buckaroo UaUJ WILD WORLD OF TBTEAST TRUCK AND TRAC- •ULL MISTER ED COMEDY CLAS- GALLAQHER'S 3ARDI MOVIE ** \Blue- CQiJj] ARSENIO HALL 12:50 CSEBMOVIE **•/, \Qod- zllla vs. Mothra\ 1:00 0NKJHT HEAT 0 TWILIGHT ZONE 0 MOVIE *** \Bye Bye Birdie\ VIVALDI: THE SEASONS CROSSFIRE MOVIE \Dennis the •CLP IMPROVE- HOE -PATTY DUKE MOVHE*** Mer- •»• nly We Live SEARCH FOR TO- 1:30 0 BENNY HILL INN NEWS NEWSNIGHT UP MOTORWEE K IL RATED BEST OF SATUR toGHT LIVE J MOVIE * « Less Than Zero AMERICAN MAQA ZTNE Egg SEARCH FOR TO MORROW C^EJ JO E FRANKLIN 1:40 B^TMOVie * » Witch Board (1987) 1:55 RE Q PAUL SHAFFER Q 2:00 VSlMO N t SIMON 0 UPOATE: MAKING IT HAPPEN 1 NEIGHBORS [SPORTSLOOK CLUB ItCTV .'MOVIE ** Prince •rkness\ J PACIFIC OUTLOOK fMAOAME'S PLACE 2:30 i •POUTS LATE- I SPORTSCENTER I ROWAN • MAR- rLAUQH-IN VOU CAN BE A J MOVM *** \Enola Th# Man. The Mis- I AlcNftiC SonTb'V (•uBTAmma 2 55 3:00 EJEES MOVIE *••-; Flying Leathernecks CQ3 MOVIE **• No Way Out O ARSENIO HALL O PAUL SIMON'S WORLD'S GREATEST REAL ESTATE RISING DAMP HEADLINE NEWS NIGHT HECTORS BUNVIP THOROUGHBRED S DIGEST WEIGHT LOSS IN IICA CAR 54. WHERE OU? APRIL FOOL'S NEWS HOME SHOPPING IGHT 8ERVICE MOVIE * Up n Second 2 \Eye ot (1986) VILIQHT ZONE FRENCH ANO MS | AUTO RACING PAW PROORAM- ANN SOTHERN ITHWWOto ^*0JnaWS, SJMfBCf !• HOOAN'S HEROES MOVW **Va \The *« Wlndov I USA TODAY *mun OP SAN, —-060 • MOVW ** # \Th#

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