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AP LaserPhoto Two Liverpool football fans sit at the Sheffield, England, football stadium on Sunday, grieving those killed in Saturday's soccer disaster. Study shows those more likely to have abortions in U.S. SHEFFIELD, England (AP) — Lawmakers Sunday demand- ed changes in stadium designs, including a ban on anti-riot fences, after a mad rush at a soccer match trapped thousands of fans behind one of the steel barriers. At least 94 people died. Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher visited Hillsborough stadium and promised a public inquiry into Saturday's disaster, which turned a soccer cup semi- final between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest into a nightmare. The investigation was ex- pected to focus on why so many fans were still outside as the match began and on allegations that many entered the sold-out stadium, which has a capacity of 54,000, without tickets or with forged tickets. In Liverpool, the Roman Catholic cathedral was filled to overflowing for a requiem mass for the victims — most of them from the northwest port city. The Anglican cathedral's bell tolled 94 times to mark the Police defended the decision to open 16-foot-wide steel gates outside the stadium just as the match began. Last-minute arriv- als then poured into a central standing-room-only section, pressing those already inside Continued on Page 12 By RANDOLPH E. SCHMID Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON (API - Hispanic and black women, women with low incomes, those living with someone they are not married to, and those in school are statistically more likely to undergo abortions than women in general, according to a private survey. Firm statistics are not avail- able on the number of abortions performed each year nor on who has them. Moreover, the survey by The Alan Guttmacher In- stitute'confirms that most abor- tions are performed on white, middle-class women because they make up the bulk of the population of women of childbearing age. However, the extensive survey by the New York-based, non- profit group that studies reproductive issues suggests that women in various categories have a statistically disproportionate share of abor- tions relative to their raw numbers. For example, it found that nonwhite women make up 16.7 percent of the childbearing-age population, but accounted for 31.4 percent of the abortions. White women accounted for 68.6 percent of those seeking abortions, but 83.3 percent of the childbearing-age population. considered 15-to-44 for purposes of the survey. And it found that women with family incomes below $11,000 accounted for 33.1 percent of those receiving abortions al- though they made up only 29.2 percent of all women of childbearing age. The federal Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta estimates there were 1.328.000 abortions in the United States in 1985, the most recent year for which it has numbers. The Gut- tmacher Institute estimates 1,588.550 that year. No one questions that the number has increased since the Supreme Court legalized abor- tion in 1973. The court is hear- ing arguments April 26 in a Missouri case that both sides agree could result in the rever- sal, or weakening of that land- mark Roe vs. Wade decision. The Guttmacher Institute surveyed 9,480 women who ob- tained abortions at hospitals, clinics or doctors' offices during 1987 in an effort to find out who was obtaining the services. It selected 103 facilities in what was intended as a statistically valid national sam- ple base — 21 hospitals and 82 clinics and physicians' offices — and arranged for questionnaires to be given to the 11,313 women who showed up for abortions during a 12-day period. Filling out and mailing in the questionnaire was voluntary and done anonymously and privately by the woman, and a large num- ber — 9,480 — returned com- pleted questionnaires. Although no specific margin of error was given, the large sam- ple base lends credibility to the statistical profile of U.S. women seeking abortions during that A statistical breakdown based on a survey ol 9,480 women who had abortions in 1987 MARITAL STATUS Married -, 6.4% —j Separated 11.2% Divorced 0.6% Widow ETHNICITY RACE Hispanic INCOME Non-White RELIGION Protestant No religion Catholic AP LoserPhoto British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher visits the football stadium where more than 100 people were killed at the start of a cup semi- final. Tax returns due in mail by midnight tonight By JIM LUTHER APTa* Writer Source The Alan Guttmacher Institute Survey 1987 API R Dommguez particular period in 1987. Unmarried women living with a man constituted 17.4 percent of the abortion clients although they made up only 3.4 of all childbearing-age women. Women attending school con- stituted 31.1 percent of those seeking abortions, but 20.5 per- cent of all women of childbearing age. Most women cited more than one factor in their decision to have an abortion. Among the reasons were concerns about how motherhood would change their lives, financial problems, single parenthood, the responsi- bility of parenthood, others knowing they were pregnant, maturity and how many children they already had. WASHINGTON (AP) Sev- enty-five years after the nation was introduced to Form 1040, Americans are closing another return-filing season with several million taxpayers apparently putting off the chore until to- night's midnight deadline. The Internal Revenue Service promised that its walk-in offices would remain open on the final day until every taxpayer with a question was served, The Postal Service will go of its way to receive returns and make sure they were postmarked before midnight. Taxpayers were given an extra two days to file because the April 15 deadline fell on Satur- day. Residents of New England and most of New York state have until Tuesday midnight because today is a legal holiday, Patriot's Day, in Massachusetts, site of the IRS service center that receives returns from those states. The tax agency projects more than 109 million returns will be filed this year — but not all those will meet the deadline: • Around 6 million couples and individuals will take four- month extensions, to Aug. 15, Spain's ambassador by filing Form 4868 along with a check for the taxes they estimate they owe. The exten- sion is only for filing — not for 1 paying. • A sizable number of the 650,000 Americans living and working abroad qualify for automatic two-month extensions without filing any special form or paying estimated taxes. • Some taxpayers don't operate on a calendar year and, thus, have different filing dead- lines. • And some will simply miss the filing deadline, despite the fact that such tardiness can br- ing a penalty for not filing on time — even if there is no tax due — and additional and more severe penalties for not filing and paying on time if there is tax due. An IRS sampling of early returns showed taxpayers mak- ing the same mistakes that plagued last year's filings: writ- ing down the wrong tax liability figure from the tax tables; claim- ing the wrong standard deduc- tion; failing to check the box on Form 1040A or 1040EZ that in- dicates whether a person may be claimed as a dependent by another, and mathematical er- killed '-S-V?* 1 Today mostly sunny skies followed by increasing clouds late in the day Much warmer than Sunday Highs near 70. South winds 10 to 15 mph Tonight, becoming cloudy with showers. Lows in the 40s. Chance of rain 80 percent / H'*? •\Taj; *- * ttte-feSfc-v Business News 8 Classified 19-24 Comics 18 Date Colendar 7 Editorial 4 Entertainment 17 Lattery: 1-1-1. 'Win4': 7-6-9 5. K*DO: 1, 3, 8. 14, 18, 22, 25, 27, 29, 33, 38. 43, 46, 50, 53, 59, 67, 70, 71, 75 Horoscope 18 Ann Landers 18 Lifestyles 6,7 Public Record 10,11 Sports 14-16,19 Weather 9 Congress to vote on base-closings plan WASHINGTON (AP) - The House decides this week whether to accept or reject a federal commission's recommendations to shut down 86 military installations and partly close five more. A vote on a resolution to disapprove the report of the Commis- sion on Base Realignment and Closure is scheduled for Tuesday, and the full House is expected to follow the lead of its Armed Ser- vices Committee. The panel voted 43-4 last month to support the commission's report. Savings from the plan, which also includes substantial changes at 54 other facilities, were estimated at $694 million a year initially and $5.6 billion over 20 years. The Senate, meanwhile, takes up President Bush's $90 billion plan to bail out and reform the savings and loan industry, with Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell, D-Maine, promising to resolve the issue by week's end. The federal S&L insurance fund is now more than $25 billion in debt because of bad loans and, in some cases, fraudulent lending and accounting practices using government-insured deposits. BEIRUT, Lebanon (AP) - Spain's ambassador to Lebanon and at least 17 other people were killed Sunday in fierce artillery exchanges between Christians and an alliance of Syrian and Moslem gunners, police said. Ambassador Pedro Manuel de Aristegui, 61, died while undergoing surgery to remove shrapnel fragments that hit his head when an artillery shell blasted his villa in the christian suburb of Hadath east of Beirut, police reported. Police said his Lebanese fa- ther-in-law, poet Tewfic Youssef Awwad; and one of Awwad's daughters, Samia, and a Lebanese bodyguard were killed when the shell exploded. The envoy's Lebanese wife, Jomana Awwad, was seriously wounded and his 2-year-old son Diego suffered unspecified inju- ries, police ,reported. Earlier reports said Ms. Awwad was killed. De Aristegui had served in File Photo Pedro Manuel de Aristegui Lebanon since June 1984. He was kidnapped and briefly held shortly after he took up his Beirut assignment and told an interviewer recently: \If you're afraid of death, you should leave this country.\ Police said at least 18 people died in the ferocious 18-hour blitz that raged from dusk Saturday to mid-afternoon Sun- day. They said at least 90 people were wounded. j *

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