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# '\ j'ffi , PAGE 2 PRESS-REPUBLICAN GENERAL NEWS FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 29,1995 ..VJ\ . . IE- * R* W..-: 4EWS IN BRIEF 5 - ' INTERNATIONAL NATIONAL Shuttle launch delayed one week by hydrogen leak CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) — Space shuttle Columbia began leaking explosive hydrogen fuel just hours before liftoff Thursday, forcing NASA to postpone the science mission for a week. It was the latest in a series of problems plaguing the shuttle program in recent months, including pesky woodpeckers and scorched O-rings. Liftoff tentatively was rescheduled for Oct. 5 to allow NASA to replace the leaky valve in main engine No. 1 — a new, redesigned engine. Flam- mable hydrogen gas began leaking from the engine into the at- mosphere after NASA,began filling the shuttle's external tank for a midmorning launch. The seven astronauts had not yet boarded Col- umbia for their 16-day flight. College prices up average of 6 percent — again WASHINGTON (AP) - The price of college rose about.6 percent this year — less than the double-digit jumps of the early 1990s but still twice the rate of inflation, the College Board said Thursday. And the annual increase, roughly the same as last year, shows no signs of stopping. Tuition and fees, not counting room and board, average $2,860 at public four-year colleges, $12,432 at private four-year col- leges and $1,387 at two-year public colleges. Prices jumped less at two-year private colleges, 4 percent, to $6,350. Those prices are daun- ting to parents and students, acknowledged Kathleen Brouder, spokeswoman for the board's financial aid arm. But college can still be affordable if families save, seek financial aid or take advantage of bargains, she argued. Boy came from egg that didn't wait for sperm NEW YORK (AP) - Scientists say they have discovered the first known person to come from an egg that didn't wait for the sperm. The boy has genetically female blood. This was not an immaculate concep- tion — the sperm did eventually arrive and fertilize the egg, And the finding does not suggest that an egg could produce a human without any fertilization at all, said researcher Dr. David Bohthron; Studies in other mammals suggest that cannot happen, he said. But in the case of the boy, now 3, scientists believe the egg started dividing.be- fore the sperm showed up, said Bonthron of the University of Edin- burgh in Scotland. The delayed fertilization meant that the father's genes did not reach all the cells in the boy's body, including those that make white blood cells. So the boy's white cells contain doubled copies of his mother's genes without any contribution from the father. Cochran implores jurors: 'Stop this cover-up!' LOS ANGELES (AP) - In a thundering sum- mation that rocked the court, Johnnie Cochran Jr. exhorted O.J. Simpson's mostly black jury Thursday to \do the right thing\ and acquit Simpson as a message against racism and police misconduct. At the end of Cochran's passionate, final presentation to jurors, the judge said pro- secutor Marcia Clark would conclude her rebuttal Friday, clearing the way for the case to be placed in their hands in the afternoon. In his presenta- tion, Cochran listed 15 points of reasonable doubt in the case and finally turned to the Bible in his final moments at the lectern. He cited sections of Proverbs dealing with false witnesses who must Johnnlt Cochran be punished and urged jurors to carry out God's will. In the fevered style of a revival preacher, Cochran referred to two key detectives as \the twin devils of deception\ and told the spellbound jurors that fate had given them a chance to change history. GOP urges Clinton to sign defense spending bill WASHINGTON (AP) - For the WKite House to oppose higher defense spending while planning a major deployment to Bosnia is both \incoherent and indefensible,\ two senior Republicans told President Clinton Thursday. The lawmakers urg- E ed Clinton in a strongly worded letter to sign a $243 billion defense spending bill even though it. pours billions more into defense than the White- House wants. Reps. Bob Livingston, R-La., chairman of the House Appropriations Commit- tee, and Bill Young, R-Fla., chairman of the panel's national security subcommittee, turned up the rhetoric in hopes that Clinton would pull back a veto threat hanging over the defense ap- Bl \ Clinton propriations bill. In particular, they questioned why Clinton would oppose legislation increasing military spending when he is consider- ing sending 25,000 troops to Bosnia. Scientists debate obesity drug ROCKVILLE, Md. (AP) - Scientists debated Thursday whether the government should approve the nation's first new obesity drug since 1973, a compound that makes people believe they are full even though they have eaten less. But the drug.Uexfenfluramine, has been shown to cause brain damage at very high doses in animals, prompting concern about how it would affect the thousands of Ameri- cans likely to use it. The manufacturer, Interneuron Pharmaceutical Inc., told a Food and Drug Administration panel that the levels it would suggest are too low to hurt anyone, and maintained that the need for a better drug to treat the 78 million obese Americans is vital. The panel of scientists will recommend whether FDA should approve' the drug. The agency usually follows such recommendations. sign Serb refugees to be resettled, cementing gains ZAGREB, Croatia (AP) — Defying international condemnation, Croatia said Thursday it would proceed with plans to send tens of thousands of refugees back to Bosnia, a move that would help cement territorial conquests. \Croatia will start the repatriation in an orga- nized way and in phases,\ said Adalbert Rebic, the head of Croatia's refugee agency. \This is a state policy, and as such it is irrevocable.\ Forces of the Muslim-led Bosnian government and its Croat allies have swept across large swaths of territory once held by rebel Serbs in western Bosnia. It is land, they would likely claim under a U.S.- backed peace plan that would divide the country into ethnic seg- ments. About 80,000 Serbs fled the offensive in western Bosnia. By settling non-Serb refugees on the.vacated land, the other sides hope to strengthen their claim to the area. Chinese Communists purge former Beijing chief BEIJING (AP) — China's Communist Party purged the man who dominated Beijing city af- fairs for more than a decade, accusing him Thursday of abusing power and leading a dissolute and extravagant life. Former Beijing Party Secretary Chen Xitong, a frequent ally of hard-line Premier Li Peng, was the highest of- ficial to fall in a more than 2-year-old anti-corrup- tion drive the party hopes will clean up its tainted public image. But Chen's purge also was linked to backstage power politics as top officials maneuver for primacy in anticipation of the death of the ailing senior leader, 91-year-old Deng Xiaoping. The Central Committee said it will continue in- Cnwi Xlton » vestigating Chen's actions but stopped short of turning him over to the courts. The failure to do so bolstered the widespread belief that Chen's real mistake was opposing party General Secretary Jiang Zemin's bid to succeed Deng as supreme leader. By TERENCE HUNT AP White House Correspondent WASHINGTON (AP) - In another milestone toward peace, Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and PLO chief Yasser Arafat signed a historic agree- ment Thursday ending Israel's military occupation of West Bank cities and laying the foundation for a Palestinian state. \We want you as good neighbors,\ the gravelly voiced Rabin told Arafat, his onetime blood enemy. \Enough killing and enough kill- ing of inno- cent people,\ Arafat Yasser Arafat was turned into a park- ing lot for nearly two dozen VIP limousines. \Chapter by chapter, Jews and Arabs are writing a new chapter for their an- cient lands,\ Ytehok Robin Clinton said. Arafat and Rabin both called on Syria and Lebanon to drop their reluctance to join the peace process. To worldwide acclaim, Arafat and Rabin signed a tortuously negotiated agreement for Israel to relinquish control of territory it captured from Jordan in the 1967 Six-Day War. The agree- ment outlines in painstaking detail the step-by-step withdrawal of Israeli forces and the transfer of governing authority for Palestinian self- rule in 30 percent of the West Bank, containing most of its Arab population. The accord also allows for Palestinian elections. The document — signed on a polished desk that once belonged to Abraham Lincoln — was a follow-up to the 1993 White House agreement that brought Rabin and Arafat together for a historic handshake of peace. \Please take a good, hard look,\ Rabin told the hushed au- dience. \The sight you see before you at this moment was impossi- ble, was unthinkable just three years ago.\ But Rabin also warned that peace could crumble unless both sides unite against terrorists who are trying to prevent peace. \Don't let it happen,\ he im- plored. \If all the partners to the peacemaking do not unite against the evil angels of death by terrorism, all that will remain of this ceremony are color snap- shots, empty mementos,\ Rabin said. For his part, Arafat said the accord \demonstrates the ir- reversibility of the peace pro- cess.\ He called it the \peace of the brave.\ Arafat admonished Israel that it was exacerbating tensions by the continued settlement of the West Bank city of Hebron by 450 militant Jewish settlers there and in other parts of the West Bank, as well as by the holding Palestinians as prisoners. declared to loud applause. Under the glittering chandeliers of the East Room, President Clinton presided over two hours of speeches and pag- eantry before an audience of 200 diplomats, foreign ministers, Cabinet secretaries and members of Congress. Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and Jordan's King Hussein joined Clinton as witnesses to the accord. Outside, Pennsylvania Avenue THERMAL TURTLENECKS $5 Mtchau Bargain £tore. Inc SMOla'T-3Miirr».>ooT»» 10* MMUMUT ST MATTMUMH.NY IMOI TSL/BW n8-M»-8>0l TEL: (802) 860-5003 What the Best Dressed Rooms are Wearing Today! 4050 Williston Rd. Suite 133 So. Burlington, VT 05403 Fran Gosselin Rosenthal President DEFENSE REDUCTIONS MEANS PRICE REDUCTIONS WITH THE OFFICIAL CLOSURE OF PLATTSBURGH AFB AND IN HONOR OF THOSE WHO KEPT US FREE AND STRONG SINCE 1954 WE OFFER 12% OFF ALL WINES* TO ALL FORMER PAFB PERSONNEL AND FORMER NON-PAFB PERSONNEL SMITHFIELD DISCOUNT LIQUORS AND WINES (NOW 1MB) FORMER PAFB EMPLOYEE OfflnSHP) •oainKB we ttHm ON SUE caraicm urn KIBES m STORE LOCATED BETWEEN PEACOCK MUSIC AND BLOCKBUSTER VIDEO DH5CHY ACMSS FROM CHMPUM 8H1K NORIH 55 SMITHFIELO BLVD. 563-1914 r JOSEPH ROCK 1 9-29-95 One Year Ago Today You Passed Away The end was sudden, the shock severe, to part with one, me loved so dear. A heart of gold stopped beating, two shining eyes to rest, God broke our heart to prove to us, He only takes the best. A million times we needed you, a million times we cried. If love alone would have saved you, you never would have died. In life we loved you dearly, in death we love you still In our hearts you hold a place no one else can fill. It broke our hearts to lose you, but you did not go alone, farpartofua went with you t the day God called you home. Your Wife, ji; June (gj WOOD AND GAS FIRFD STOVES Best Buys! Know Us Before You Need Us LifeStar Regional Trauma System at CVPH Medical Center STOP BY OUR BOOTH AT THE HOME SHOW Learn About Home Safety: Protecting Your- Children From Injury Heating Your Home Safely Preventing Falls Avoiding Poisons Being Safe During Electrical Storms Let's Wot Meet By Accident MKDICAI. Radiant stone and enamel colors at falling prices. Save on any HearthStone wood or gas stove— including the updated Phoenix and popular Sterling—on sale now. AVAILABLE FROM: STOVES & CHIMNEYS 3068 Main St., Peru Route 22 643-9374 1-800-834-2927 /jr* \They had the best package deal.\ \/ wanted a face that I could talk to.\ Agency Insurance has been providing the North Country with quality, professional service since 1926 Coverage Provided by naTionai. insurance companies Phyllis Palm CCC Child Care Center Director Homeowner's and Automobile Policy Holder INSURANCE, SINCE 1926 PLATTSBURGH 561-1000 KEESEVILLE 834-5725 TICONDEROGA 585-6374 STOP BY AND SEE US AT THE PRESS-REPUBLICAN HOME SHOW FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 29, By RICHARD I Staff PLATTSBURI sburgh Airbase Corporation rej proposals for fi the base, but w: departments E tracts. PARC must i with the city South Plattsbui by midnight Sat The local depi 90-day contracts Card* busine builds By MITCH I Staff \ PLATTSBUR •ber how car i there would be \ slump after the '. They were wi ; On the office ;McBride's desli -tally sheet cc sales of new C. 25 years. It tells al McBride's are have been for s< \As far as m cerned, the ba; in 1991 when taken out,\ Mel In the boon McBride sold J year, 40.5 a mo The decade brought years saw McBride's Then, in 199 the FB-llls, meted. Janus McBride's sold for the year. In 1992, he January and 2 But it's bee with 252 in year. This yea even better, he \In 1991, on we sold was de personnel,\ he FBs left, we wi Business is said, and it's better. Agreed, sak Santa Pontiac, \We're up A same period percent over Aft By MAR Sh PLATTSB Montemorra. Todd Wilkinsc The list go on. Some of th Peru Central Plattsburgh a called Platti Base home. \Tony M wandered in tober one ye Director Star Meagher carr a couple yeat would get a si who transfers That is when CHI Continued frc . Both churc ed their tent Air Force. 1 bexing, botl ropes swingir \We're rea military cor than we ever said. \If w specific nun pretty depre current mer more active They know tl to get done, t \AndGod- Healy's ct taken the sil ther. \We are selytizing cl were concei closed, but growth mod we're the fa in the \ wori trend is to' well.\ The Platt on its way to there are members ir ttbji.

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