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PAGE 10 PRESS-REPUBLICAN TUESDAY, OCTOBER 17,1995 AP file photo THE BOSS: Bruce Springsteen is about to release his first album in three years. \The Ghost of Tom Joad\ is scheduled to hit music stores Tuesday, Nov. 21. Caruso wants good guys to win ByJEFFSTRlCKLER Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune David Caruso is tired of the bad guys overshadowing the good guys. It's happening much too of- ten in movies these days, he thinks. Look no further than \Batman Forever,\ in which Jim Carrey and Tommy Lee Jones outdazzled Caped Crusader Val Kilmer; the \Candyman\ thrillers, in which Tony Todd's monster was the star, or even \Congo in which the best actor was the mechanical ape. Caruso thinks it's time that the good guys step forward. He hopes to do that in the mystery thriller \Jade as a district at- torney trying to solve a murder case. \It's easy for a bad guy to be colorful,\ he said during an in- terview in Chicago to promote the film. \No rules apply to him. He's given free rein to be self- indulgent, and the audience is easily drawn to him. It's a challenge to play the good guy. And I welcome the challenge.\ Caruso figures he knows the key: \You make him as danger- ous as the bad guy. It has to do with the choice between right and wrong. When you choose the wrong way, and you know in your heart that it's the wrong way, then you are dangerous.\ To supply that tension, Caruso talked director William Friedkin into adding a scene: The district attorney is checking out a murder when he discovers a cuf- flink bearing the emblem of a prestigious club. Instead of tur- ning it over to investigators, he hides it. It's an act that raises all sorts of questions in the viewer's mind. Is he protecting someone? Does he plan to use the cufflink to trick the suspect? Or is that he doesn't trust the police? Caruso feels that adds a crucial layer of intrigue to his character. \But I had to fight for that,\ he said. \It meant a lot to me. It's not ego-based in that I wanted something that was wrong for the film just because it was good for me. I think it was good for the film.\ (By the way, Friedkin also ad- ded a scene later in the movie to resolve the cufflink issue. \You have to,\ Caruso said. \One of the oldest rules in drama is that if you introduce a gun in the first act, it better go off by the third act. It's the same with hidden cufflinks.\) It's not surprising that Caruso, who rocketed to stardom via TVs . \NYPD Blue,\ would argue for changes in a script. He has a lot of opinions about filmmaking. And he's willing to put his money where his mouth is — literally. His next film is a drama titled \The Insider\ that he will pro- duce as well as star in. He makes it clear that he doesn't plan to play it safe by following cliched formulas. \We're at a time when we're tossing out expertise in film- making to go for the lowest com- mon denominator,\ he said. \Hollywood is a service town. It will churn out whatever people will buy.\ (Distributed by Scripps Howard NDWI S«rvic«.) David Caruso, during his 'NYPD Blues' days. '93 file photo 6 Frontline' finds incompetence, not conspiracy, in Waco tragedy By ROBERT BIANCO Pittsburgh Post-Gazette There are stories that demand our attention, even when we'd rather not give it. \Frontline\ opens its 14th season tonight with just that kind of story: \Waco — The In- side Story.\ \Lord knows,\ says correspondent Peter Boyer (of the New Yorker), \we all think we know a lot about what happened at Waco\ — and so we do. But. apparently, thanks to a cache of files discovered in the basement of a Texas law firm, Boyer and \Frontline\ know more. Their promise tonight at 9 is to tell us \the real story of the Waco standoff.\ Though the story is hardly comforting, it is — despite the current howls of militia-man nuts — more one of in- competence than conspiracy. Watching \Waco one gets the feeling that the possibility of a good outcome was pretty much doomed from the start, in large part because David Koresh's definition of a \good outcome\ closely resembled the outcome he got. The most controversial aspect of \Frontline's\ report may be its assertion that the FBI lied to At- torney General Janet Reno to get her to approve its plan of attack on the Branch Davidian com- pound. According to Frontline, the FBI told Reno children were being abused at Waco, even though it knew they were not. That, revelation is hardly the only piece of bad news for the FBI in \Waco.\ Stymied by Koresh, and caught up in the emotional pressure of the siege, the FBI apparently took a num- ber of foolish risks that, in retrospect, turned out to have fatal consequences. \Waco however, is not simply an indictment of the government; it's a study of the tragedy that can result when we try to apply rational standards to irrational situations. (FBI agents, for ex- ample, dismissed the danger of fire because they assumed the Davidians would leave the com- pound should a fire break out.) In the end, the greater sins at Waco seem to have been committed by Koresh, who, says Boyer, lured the FBI \into a course whose ob- vious dangers they could not see. Their greatest failure was that they let him write the final act.\ It's a failure for which those T ^^ ^ __ • ^\\eOrigj na/ children paid dearly. Elsewhere, cruising the new season: • If you haven't watched CBS's Monday night sitcom \Can't Hurry Love\ since the first episode (or at all), you may want to check it out. It still isn't what you'd call appointment television, but it has developed into a gen- uine small pleasure, mostly because star Nancy McKeon has made her character a model of scraping-by blue-collar dignity. Improvement is also visible over at CBS's Sunday effort \Almost Perfect,\ where star Nancy Travis has, thankfully, toned her act down some. In Sunday's episode, her character found herself regretting her deci- sion to sleep over a t her boyfriend's house — a pre-fab furnished flat with a waterbed (\You know what they say about waterbeds.\ \Far out, man?\) noisy neighbors, and an all-night tennis court next door. In the pilot, Travis was mostly annoy- ing; in this episode, she actually hit endearing. What will CBS do? \I don't know. I'm glad I just have to criticize the decision, and not ac- tually make it. • Saturday's debut of Fox's \Mad TV\ was mildly amusing, but the show's main claim to fame seems to be just that it's more amusing than the current AN AUTUMN MOVIE BREAK EXPIRES $1 OFF I COUPON 0ci.i9.95 ADMISSION PRICE, PERJDM. IWITHTHISCOUPON I BURNT BY THE SUN •-\.\ JNITEtY g* < Thurs. •<» S Stuk It Sc«food Co. \. 20-22 City Hill Plan • Plattsburfh, few York (518)566-7000 TUESDAY PRIME RIB NIQHT..UI.95 2nd ON US!!!! All Dinntr Specials Include Salad And A Choice Of Potato. 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Tonight (630) Wheel of Fortune (3712) .. ' Market Place (8814) Family Matters (26-78) Lifestyle (3920) Home Videos (80678) Married... With (20272), Computer Chronicles (837949) MacNell/Lehrer Newshour (80253) Movie: Arrowhead **'- i (Western, 1953) A cavalry unit, sets out to sign a liea'ty willi (he Apaches.' (352833) ' Police Story \Man on a Rack\ (421562) World View Stand-Up | Whose? 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(97017) Coach (51340) Live Shot \Shake Rattle ahd Roll\ (88833) Frontline \Waco - The Inside Story\ (Season Premiere) (331340) Masterpiece Theatre \The Buccaneers\. \Invasion\ Edith Wharton's novel about rich; Americans in England; (194307) Behind Closed Doors III (82122) Babylon 5 \The Long Twilight Struggle\ (81920) Lynda La Plante (341727) Lady Does Not Write: Edith Wharton's American Ufe (8713384) Le Sport/ msteo News (3318098) News (1890562) News (76920) Seinfeld \The Smelly Car\ (16562) CTVNews (14104) News (6471475) Decouverte (R) (:35) Late Show (24595949) (:35) Tonight (62079272) Absolutely Fabulous (3666185) . Cheers (82982) News (80524) (:35) Nlghtline (9f70369) Jerry Springer (73524) Movie: The Big Knife*** (Drama, 1955) Jack Palance. (3690746) (:20) Renascence: Edna St. Vincent Millay, Poet (7541814) ••k^HHH^HMHHMMHMMiliHHaili^MMH Movie: Bend of Uw.Rlver *** (1952) l(:35)Movie: 13 Rue Madeleine ***», James Slewart. (8125433) |(1946) James Cagney. 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(245104) 1 Love Lucy (264104) Bewitched (406253) Streets ol San Francisco \Betrayed\ (901746) NHL Hockey: Edmonton Diltri at New Jersey Dsvlls.-From'MeadoAUnds Aeon Flux M.T, Moore (707494) Oddities Taxi (783814) ' Iromida \The Double- Edged Corner\ (904833) Arena. :(Uv#). • . NHL Hockey: New York Rangers at New.Ydrk Islanders.. From Irte Nas$auColiseum>,(925O38). (:38) Videos (4275982) Treasure Islands (R) News (827185) the Night \A 659). Wings (162272) Fashion TV Newhart (481307) Streets of San Francisco (35009B) Caspar |Ragg. Ann (735630)' |(456611) ' (:15)Movl»: The Last Biat Ytar (1990) A psychologist becomes best (fiends with a dying patiofit. (56508962) (:15)Movl»: Tough Enough ** (1983) A struggling country singer turns to lighting lor ritoney, (96535036) (:15)Mov!t; Manny'a Orphans *'<i (1978) A little-league team Is coached by a police rookie. 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Chaw \My Dinner With KingsliekJ\ (610678) Scoreboard 1 Holii.. , ..'. Ig J«ks nnT/5 ayne. (687534 Scoreboard Racing Wedsrn, b) . How'd They bo That? Club Dance (R) (887727) Movie: The Lords ol Discipline *** (Drama, 1983) David Keith. (2160307) Boxing (Live) (512253) Spotlight Ispotiight Movie: Two Mules for Sister Sara (1970) Agunslinger helps a whiskey-swilling nun reach Mexico. (712814) That Girl (373814) For Batter (751678) That Girl (392949) Halloween (730185) Mod Squad (3499B2) Mix Sex Appeal News (731949) News (359369) On* Small Step (R) (273889) Wings (814123) Big'80S (R) Night Court (378253) Wings (859456) Crossroads Simon (378814) Barnaby Jones (629479) James Dean: A Portrait (R) 1572217) ' Movie: The Affair (Drama, 1995) |(:45)Movl«: The Immortals (Drama, 1995) Terminally ill Courtney B. Vance, Kerry Fox. (4421825). |criminals tackle a mob kingpin's empire. (77942949) Movit: The Lait Seduction **• (1993) A g'riSedy wife • steals her husband's drug money and escapes': (248291) Mickey (707017) Comedy (232833) Movie: Jennifer Eight ** (1992) A jnavenek deteclive stalks a serial killer in California. Andy Garcia,,(9486814) Movit: Cyborg Cop II *ii (Science |(:35) Roger Corman Presents \The Alien Fiction, 1994) David Bradley. (8650369) |Within\ (H) (699375.43) • Drama, 1989) A young, IMovIe: Philadelphia *** (Drama, 1993) A lawyer with, regimen, (73269017) ' |AIDS sues his former firm over His dismissal; (9931307) Red Shot. (898185) Softly Paris (866746) (J10)Movlt:H<dd«n Obsession (24338104)

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