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Press-Republican. (Plattsburgh, N.Y.) 1966-current, November 03, 1995, Image 16

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iffliiiH&§^ . .'.- FRIDAY. PAID POLITICAL At : ii •*—>— T Melissa McManus for County Legislator Area I • |1 -\'-'\'-'|MM-'-' 1 '\ ' tertt Tier n An Effective Voice for the • Local government experience ' Dedicated to serving the community • Proven responsiveness to residents' concerns 1 Energy and enthusiasm to meet challenges and solve problems I would appreciate your support on Election Day! Paid for by the Candidate dup^pmt ckmag my campxrign a& yxuvt fat Gtinton County Qlvtk. n n Russell, Sue, Laurie, Sara and Keryn Paid for by the Candidate • Applying Business Sense to Government Spending • • Controlling Property Tax • • Rebuilding Our Streets • • Rebuilding Our Parks • • Reducing Our Debt • • Raising^Our City's Desirability • Marketing Our Community • • Working For Us! RE-ELECT BRYAN LAPIER Councilor Ward IV Paid for by the Candidate Martin Mannix It has been my honor and privilege to be invited into your homes during this cam- paign. I will work tirelessly to represent you in a manner which will make you proud to have elected me your next Town Supervisor. Paid for by the Candidate Elect HAROLD ALEXANDER TOWN OF SARANAC VOTE LINE A! For \Top 0f The Line\ Government ( Ahona - Oak/Tax Collector Clara Porter (R-F) Carole T. Relation (D-L) Councilperson Rujdy; Lambert (R-F) Rodney Nephew (R-F) Keith R.Clark (D-L) Larry A. Ross (D) Highway Superintendent Kenneth Peryea (R-F) Leonard P. Sample (D-L) Justice Carol Leazott (R-F) Mark J.Sullivan (D-L) Supervisor Owen i. LaFountain (R-F) -MTchae1Jreiarfc(D-L) AuSable-Clerk Marjorie Laundree (D) Councilperson JohnConnell(D) Emilio Jack Garcia (R) Highway Superintendent Timothy Booth (D) Justice George J. Head (R) Supervisor Robert Mitchell (D) Tax Collector Marjorie Zrriijewski (D) Beekmantown - Assessor D. Michael Fountain (D) Harold E. Relation (D) AddieL Shields (R-F) John F. Pelkey (D) Gerald V. Luck (R-F) Donald J. Hanson (R) Clerk/Tax Collector MarieA.Jolicoeur(D) Councilperson Francis E. Carter (R-F) Stephen Bouyea (R-F-l) James R. Garden (D) Joel Relation (D) Highway Superintendent E. Tom Sears (R-F) Ronald Clark (D) Justice Robert Dunlop (R-F-l) Mike Bell (D) Supervisor Dennis Relation (R-F) V. Jim Favreau (D) Florence R. Corron (I-O) Black Brook-Clerk Sandra Maarbut (R) Margaret Hoey (D) Councilperson Shirley Thomas (D) Jon Douglass (D) Dale C. Walton (R) William Prudhon(R) Highway Superintendent John Anderson (R-F) Jack Thomas (D) Supervisor Steve Godlewski (D) Tax Collector Elizabeth Bombard (R) Champlain - Clerk Ralph R. Gilpin (D) Councilperson Jules M. Trahan (D) OrvilleJ.GIoad(D) Jeffrey LaBombard (R-F) Ralph L. Cookman (R-F) , Highway Superintendent Clifford M. Demers (D) —JoseprxPhaneuKR^kF) Justice John A. Favreau (D-L) John J. LdBonte (D) Supervisor Gerald Mayo (R-L-F) Arnold A. Beal (D) Tax Collector Leon H. Dupee (D) Lisa R. Cardin (R-F) Choxy - Clerk/Tax Collector Leo Oliver (R-D-F) Councilperson Richard Matott (D) Irene Ackey (D) Donald H.LaValley (R-F) James L. Laramie (R-F) Highway Superintendent James A. Sessums (D) Justice Mike Gagnier (D) George F. Slosson (R) Supervisor George E. Deno (D) City - Mayor Mark P. Dame (R-F) Clyde M. Rabideau (D-l) Word I, Councilor Harold E. Hicks, (R-F) George L. Rotella (D-L-l) Word II, Councilor Ralph Hartmann (R-F) John E. Stewart (D-O) Ward III, Councilor William F. Berman (D) Ward IV, Councilor Melissa L. Penfield (R-F-l) Bryan F. LaPier(D) Ward V, Councilor Christine M. Rotella (R-F) Shirley M. O'Connell (I-O) Ward VI, Councilor John N. Ford (R-F) Daniel L. Stewart (D-l) Churubusco - Clerk Betty Recore (R) Brenda L. Poupore (D) Councilperson • Paul Parent (D) Ross Poupore (D) Lawrence Lagree (R) Shirley Parent (R*F) Daniel McComb (R) Paul Premo (D) Highway Superintendent Steve Matthews (R-D) Justice Daniel LaClair (R-D) Supervisor Mike Fillion (R-F) Tax Collector Margaret Goodrow (D) Clinton County -Clerk John H. Zurlo (R-C-F) Susan R. Castine (L-O) KeithA.Herkalo(l) Coroner David F. Donah (D-L-l) Legislator Area 1 Celine R. Paquette (R-C-L-F) Melissa M. McManus (D-l) Donald L. Garrant (R-C-F) Legislator Area 2 Samuel J. Tronbley (R-C-T-L-F) Dave Hornell (I) Legislator Area 3 NeilP.Tallon(D) Joseph W.Girpux(R-C-F-l) Legislator Area 4 Nancy 0; Gjufrain (D-L) Initiator Araa 5 pt Legislator Area 6 JohnB;Maye(R-e-F) riRPhtfeL Legislator Area 7 JayT.LePage(D) James C. Blaise (R-C-F) Legislator Area 8 Glqdys M. Pemr (D-L) Legislator Area 9 RoberfrErShimMD-L-l)- Dannemora -Assessor Donald Tolosky (D) Floyd Brooks (D) Clerk Maureen Layhee (D) DarleneWaldron(R-F) Councilperson Robert Munn(D) Donna Taylor (D) William H. Chase (R-F) Barbara B. LaDuke (R-F) Highway Supervisor Wayne Tolbert(D) James F. Supley-(R-F) Justice Tom Buckley (D) Supervisor Wilmer Barber (D) Donna M. LaMare (R) Tax Collector Jeanne Anne LaMare (D) Sally Siskavich (R-F) Ellenburg - Assessor Martine Manor (R-F) Frank L. Drown (R-F) William Collins (D) Alan Thibeau (D) Clerk Thelma LaBombard (R-F) Councilperson Charles E. Durkin (R-F) Lawrence G. Carter (R-F) James McNeil (D) Roger Peets (D) Highway Superintendent Carl M. Trombley (R-F) H. Gerald LaBarre (D) Justice Mary S. Gilmore (R-F) Wayne R. Trombley (R-F) Dennis LaBombard (D) Louis Smith (D) Supervisor Hilda Danforth(D) Glenn (Bub) Rowe (R-F) Tax Collector Pauline G. Cashman (R-F) Mooers - Clerk Frank R. Goodrich (R-D-F) Councilperson James F. Menard (R-F) Rudolph H. Miller (R-F) Lawrence Paola (D) Highway Superintendent Eugene R. Boulerice (R-D) Justice Cynthia L. Sample (R-D) Supervisor JohnH. Dragoon (R-D-F) Tax Collector Shirley A. Gadway (R-F) Beverly J. Lamberton (D) Peru-Assessor Frank J. Mousseau, Jr. (R-F) Robert I. Corrfoy (D) Adrian Lamar (D) Alan G.Brault (R-F) Clerk/Tax Collector KarleneL Clark (R-F) Nancy Lamar (D) Councilperson Ethel D.Stewart (R-F) Donald E.CovelJr. (R-F) Sherry Dobbs(D) Kenneth Lamoy (D) Highway Superintendent Elmer C. Duprey (R-F) Justice Carl W.Zerrahn (R-F) Supervisor Kenneth T. John (R-F) Joseph Flora (D) Plattsburgh- Clerk Sandra A. Thornton (D) Assessor Ann Stanley (R-F) Councilperson . James St. Germain (D) Norman Baker (D) Gerard Renadette (R-F) Marguerite Tamer (D) Robert St.-Maur (R-F) Highway Superintendent Nelson G; Tamer (D-R) Justice GaryLatourelle(D) Jack Himelwright (R-F) Supervisor Martin D. Mannix, Jr. (D-l) Andrew Abdalldh (R-F) Saranac-Clerk MelvinL. Terry (R-F) Councilperson Mark LaVamway (D) GeryTedford(D) Robert R.LeClair(R-F) Highway Superintendent Richard Roberts (D) Roland Bell (R-F) Justice Ellen LaMora (D) Daniel Eggleston (R-F) Supervisor Harold Alexander (D) Keith J. Cringle (R-F) Tax Collector Margaret Lamkins (R-F) Kathleen LaHart(D) Schuyler Foils- Clerk Michael J. Donivan (D-l-O) Donna Hamel (R-F) Councilperson Robert Wicihowski (R-F) Jefferson Dukette, Sr. (R-F) William LePage(D) Clifton J. Christen (C-l-O) Mark D.Allen (C-l-O) James Sullivan (D) Highway Superintendent George H. Seymour (R-F) Richard Crawford (D) Supervisor Leonard H. Rock (R-F) Raymond Newell (D) Reginald H. Facteau (C-l-O) Tax Collector DianneGoddeau(R-F) John Zurlo FOR CLINTCPJMJCOUNTY O ij , e . / * t fot Pfompt f Service Delivered with Courtesy and Kindness Paid for by Friends of John Zurlo Celine Paquette Effective, Efficient Leadership AREA ONE COUNTY LEGISLATOR PAID FOR BY THE COMMITTEE TO ELECT CELINE PAQUETTE ELECT Melissa L. Penfield COUNCILOR WARD 4 COMMITTED TO: 1) Economy and efficiency in city government 2) Promoting area youth \aetivttrer 3) Seeking out and securing state and federal grants 4) Needs and concerns of our senior citizens 5) PUTTING PLATTSBURGH FIRST, POLITICS SECOND Paid for by the committee to elect Melissa L. Penfield It's Time For A Change Andy ABDALLAH A Full-Time Town Supervisor Paid for by the Committee to Elect Andrew Abdallah Independence Party ELECT Keith Herkalo County Clerk A municipal clerk seeking a municipal clerk position Paid For By Candidate VOTE NOVEMBER 7th VOTE NOVEMBER 7th Paid for by the Independence Party VOTE NOVEMBER 7th V«WE NOVEMBER 7th VOTE NOVEMBER 7th VOTE NOVEMBER 7th

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